Best 195 + Social Media Essay Topics to Please Your Lecturer

How would the modern world be like without social media? It is almost unimaginable to live without such a revolution in human interaction and communication. To write a compelling essay for your social media assignment, the first step is searching for a great idea for your topic. This article offers some social media essay topics ideas for a high-grade essay.

Additionally, there are some tips on how to write a good social media essay. Let’s get into it.

How to write a social media essay

The first stage of writing a good essay is carefully reading the assignment instructions and creating an outline to guide your research. Your outline does not have to contain any factual data but a general plan of the structure of your essay.


A social media essay introduction should cultivate the readers’ attention, lay down the background, and clarify the essay’s contents. Ensure your introduction leads to a compelling thesis statement that states the main argument of your essay. Here are a few ideas for a great social media essay introduction:

  • Use a prominent story that relates to your topic (for example, a story about the ice bucket or blue whale challenge)
  • Use social media statistics
  • Paint a vivid picture of social media uses (you may use descriptive language to achieve this effect)

Body paragraphs

After the introduction, you should break your ideas into paragraphs. A topic sentence should introduce each paragraph, and transition words should merge all the paragraphs. You should keep in mind the type of essay you are writing to determine your writing style.


Your conclusion heavily relies on the type of essay you are writing. It should reiterate all your points. Your conclusion should have a compelling call to action.

Social media essay topics

Social media is a broad topic that you can write on for your argumentative technology essay. Additionally, it is an excellent platform for sociology research and cause and effect essays. Here are a few social media essay topics ideas to write on:

  1. Pros and cons of using social media: an individual perspective
  2. Great things that came about with social media
  3. Is productivity’s main killer social media?
  4. Is it possible to be addicted to social media?
  5. What is the effect of social media on identity: perspectives on self-knowledge and online identity theft?
  6. What is effect does social media have on youth?
  7. Should hate speech be censored on social media?
  8. What role does social media play in radicalization?
  9. Should parents and children be trained on what to post online?
  10. How does social media accommodate cyberbullying?
  11. What roles does social media play in promoting education?
  12. What are the positive and negative effects of social media on human society?
  13. How does social media impact business?
  14. Analyze the docuseries Black Mirror. Does this series accurately predict an anti-utopia future?
  15. Is social media used for mass surveillance? Discuss the benefits and drawbacks.
  16. Is social media a hindrance to true democracy? Analyze Brexit and the Trump election cases
  17. Does social media come in the way of real-life communication?
  18. Describe hiring techniques in the age of social media
  19. What negative impact of social media should we fight against?
  20. Discuss management problems surrounding social media
  21. Coca-Cola company case study: marketing through social media
  22. Discuss characteristics of social media use among the student population
  23. Social media monitoring
  24. Comparative analysis: Who is the most prominent influencer in YouTube versus Instagram, paid more?
  25. The differences in men and women communication in virtual rooms: a comparative analysis

Social media argumentative essay topics

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that requires a student to investigate a topic, find resources for evidence, and take a stance on an issue. Below are several examples of social media topics open for investigation:

  1. Face-to-face communication versus online communication
  2. Are files saved in social media networks safe from unwanted access?
  3. What effect do Twitter and Instagram have on young adults?
  4. Is social media a vessel to achieve political ambition?
  5. Techniques Facebook uses to promote excellent academic performance
  6. Critical analysis: liberal bias within social networks
  7. Should parents limit the interactions of children within social media?
  8. How effective is Facebook in promoting your business and personal brand?
  9. Activities children and young adults used to engage in before the invention of social media
  10. What is the effect of false images in social media on its users?
  11. What influence does social media have on children?
  12. Describe the kind of personal details that should be included in a social media account
  13. Critical analysis on the weakening of human relations due to social media
  14. Is it safe to make new friends on social media?
  15. Is social media marred with dubious users?
  16. To what extent should social media be tolerated in the workplace?
  17. Is social media a tool that could be used to overcome depression?
  18. Analyze how social media aids fraud
  19. Is life meaningless without social media?
  20. Is Twitter the ideal platform for getting ideas on the most trending topics?
  21. How does social media affect the minds of children: a cognitive analysis?
  22. Rumors and false information: the role of social media in fueling these two elements
  23. Social media advocates for healthy lifestyles among teenagers
  24. Social media is a distraction to students for their studies
  25. Social media hinders hard work
  26. Cybersecurity risks brought by social media
  27. Comparative analysis of drug addiction versus social media addiction
  28. An evaluation on the role of media in increasing global crime rates
  29. Critical evaluation: what other technological invention will replace social media?
  30. The role of social media in increased suicide rates
  31. Should user content be censored in social media?
  32. Discuss how social media has taken over people’s lives
  33. Why should teenagers be extra cautious while engaging in social media sites?
  34. What are the impacts of social media on people of color?
  35. How does social media kill self-esteem and confidence?

Social media persuasive essay topics

A persuasive essay is an academic essay where you use logic and reason to get your audience to settle with your point of view. Here are a few suggested topics:

  1. Social media hypnotizes people
  2. It is possible to trace an individual over the internet
  3. Good practices in ensuring online privacy
  4. The role of pop culture music videos in influencing the lives of people
  5. The impact of social media on human behavior and mood
  6. Where do trends come from?
  7. Should civil and political leaders have social media accounts?
  8. Explain misleading that could occur when celebrity endorsements are used on social media as a means of attracting a particular clientele
  9. Discuss the impact of social media on world peace
  10. Discuss the effectiveness of social media in brand promotion
  11. Humor versus sex: tactics for social media advertising?
  12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of schools opening up to social media?
  13. What are the positive outcomes of social media during calamities?
  14. The importance of social media
  15. Productivity in the workplace: the effectiveness of barring employees from accessing social media and certain sites during work hours

Easy Social media essay topics

Essay topics about social media

Social media refers to websites and apps dedicated to interaction, communication, and content-sharing. Below are a few topics for social media research:

  1. Critical evaluation on the impact of social media fame on one’s life
  2. Constant connection to social media makes people feel lonelier and depressed
  3. Who is responsible for abusive language used in the comment section on social media sites?
  4. The evolution of social media
  5. The best e-tourism strategies on social media: China’s culture to the world
  6. What are the impacts of social media on human resource practices?
  7. The implementation of mobile social constructs in global marketing
  8. Implementation of social media by corporations and multinationals: Qatar airways and Deloitte
  9. Critical analysis on how government and non-profit organizations use social media
  10. Write about a day in the office without access to the internet
  11. Men-women interactions and relationships in social media
  12. What is the relationship between social media and consumer transactions?
  13. An analysis of Nike’s successful use of social media for marketing and brand promotion
  14. Social media marketing analysis: Las Vegas hotel industry
  15. Comparative analysis: Twitter versus Instagram versus Google Plus
  16. What are the impacts of social media on political communication?
  17. Is social media the best tool to capture present-day reality?
  18. Innovative and emerging technologies leveraging on social media
  19. The impacts of social media on policing and law enforcement
  20. Describe the social media crisis

How does social media affect Hispanic community essay topics

The Hispanic community is comprised of people from a Spanish-speaking background. Below are a few suggested topics on social media’s influence on Hispanic essay topics:

  1. Describe the effect of social media influence on Hispanic culture (social and economic culture)
  2. What influence has social media had on language among Hispanics?
  3. What are the impacts of social media on religion among Hispanics?
  4. Has social media influenced Hispanic cuisine?
  5. How has social media influenced Hispanic media and entertainment?

Essay on social media advantages and disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages of social media you can write about. You may use your experiences or the internet for an idea of what to write for your essay. Whichever way you come up with a topic, you must find credible sources for your arguments. The suggestions used below could be used to write a persuasive, argumentative, or cause and effect essay:

Advantages of social media

  1. Promotion of employment opportunities
  2. Connecting people from all over the world, ease of maintaining relationships, and making new and valuable connections
  3. An instant communication channel
  4. Brand awareness, brand perception, and consumer feedback
  5. Ease of access to knowledge and information (government censorship [ of mainstream media)
  6. Promoting social initiatives within your community
  7. Diffusing social stigma and helping individuals be open-minded
  8. A channel for self-expression: music, art, automotive enthusiasts, etc.
  9. A social platform for isolated citizens
  10. Helps prompt reaction to crises worldwide

Disadvantages of social media

  1. The exposure of manicured and staged lives
  2. Promotion of cyberbullying
  3. The usage of social media to manipulate public opinion
  4. Use of social media by oppressive regimes to dissident targets
  5. Social media facilitates sex crimes such as sex with minors, first date rapes, and sex trafficking
  6. The correlation between social media with anxiety and depression is closely linked. Prove that narrative
  7. The role of social media in creating FOMO (fear of missing out) culture
  8. Social media: a new source of addiction
  9. Compromised personal and identity security mitigated by social engineering techniques
  10. Availability of all the information you like can lead to a distorted point of view without objective facts

Good argumentative essay topics

An argumentative essay is written by an author based on investigating a topic and drawing inferences from facts and books/ journal articles. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. An analysis of freedom of speech on social media: merits and consequences
  2. Is it ethical for employers to look at what potential hires or employees post on social media?
  3. The impacts of social media on the music industry: marketing and copyright issues
  4. What is the correlation between social media and stalking?
  5. What influences do social media platforms have on group minds and creating social pressure?
  6. Does social media bring happiness to an individual?
  7. The impact of social media in enforcing political and human rights
  8. Pros and cons of social media marketing
  9. What are the impacts of social media on food preferences worldwide?
  10. What role does social media play in managing public relations for companies and organizations?
  11. How are race and religious issues portrayed in social media?
  12. Evaluate the biggest and most impactful collaborative projects enabled by social media
  13. The influence of social media on culture
  14. What impact does social media have on policymaking?
  15. Discuss reasons that would lead to the banning of social media
  16. Discuss the weaponization of social media
  17. What is the portrayal of immigration on social media?
  18. What impact does social media have on the presidency?
  19. Explanatory analysis on how social media affects women’s self-image
  20. Predictive analysis: the future of social media
  21. What effect has social media had on online journalism?
  22. How does social media affect delinquency?
  23. How does social make an individual insecure?
  24. What advantage do multilingual individuals have in creating discourse in social media?
  25. Should students be punished for posting inappropriate content outside of school?

Social media topics of discussion

A discussion essay is one in which you have to take a position and write an essay based on it. Browse through the social media essay topics below for some ideas:

  1. Discuss social media during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. How should military personnel conduct themselves on social media?
  3. Comparative analysis: the use of social media versus the use of the general internet
  4. Discuss the role of influencers in pushing out brands
  5. Photos and videos will replace traditional texting in social media networks. Discuss
  6. How has social media affected eating habits among the world population?
  7. How does social media influence shopping behavior among consumers?
  8. What role does gender play in social media influence?
  9. Perception analysis the portrayal of the U.S.A and China on social media
  10. What influences does social media have on the fashion industry?
  11. Book review: Six ways social media affects our mental health by Alice Walton
  12. What impact has social media had in the makeup industry?
  13. What are peoples’ perceptions of honesty in social media?
  14. Sports communication: NFL strategies on social media
  15. What effect has texting had on the detriment of modern language?
  16. Power of social media in advocating for green consumption
  17. Critical analysis: body shaming of teenagers on social media
  18. Analyze how social media has disrupted leadership styles among millennials
  19. Why do businesses need social media?
  20. How would a company expand its market through social media?
  21. Role of social media on political polarization
  22. Why do professionals use LinkedIn?
  23. Discuss international social media ban in China
  24. Discuss the advantages of social media on small businesses
  25. Can we accurately consider social media as a second learning language?

Social media topics for essay writing

The most crucial thing in writing a good research essay is finding a good topic. Here are a few argumentative  essay topics up for exploration:

  1. Discuss the impact of networking on modern society
  2. Critical analysis: the safety of online purchasing
  3. What are the impacts of social media on family relations?
  4. Can human life and health problems be addressed through social networks?
  5. The advantages of using social media in higher learning (colleges and universities)
  6. Does social media level the playing field of unemployment?
  7. Is it possible to cope with social media addiction?
  8. How has social media influenced learning?
  9. What challenges does social media pose on fidelity in marriages and sexual relationships?
  10. Coronavirus pandemic: misinformation on social media
  11. The role of personal devices and social media in promoting healthcare
  12. Critical analysis: is social media becoming a powerful force on geopolitics?
  13. How can an organization demonstrate ethical behavior on social media?
  14. Is it ethical for prosecuted individuals to make statements about their case on social media?
  15. How have filters impacted the cosmetic beauty world?
  16. Discuss the correlation between social media and youth aggression
  17. How can we create kid-friendly social media sites?
  18. The role of social media in activism
  19. Social media relations: the art of persuasion
  20. Create an elaborate social media marketing plan

Social media research paper topic ideas

A research paper is an essay based on what you have learned during your course. Below are a few research topics open for exploration:

  1. Does social media spread or mitigate stereotypes?
  2. What influence has social media placed on human values over time?
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of hyper parent protection against social media use in children
  4. What impact has globalization had on social media?
  5. What influence does social media play on conflict resolution?
  6. How has social media impacted the real estate sector?
  7. How has social media impacted the hospitality sector?
  8. The merge of cultures: self-representation and ethnicity in social media
  9. An analysis of new social media marketing tools
  10. The correlation between data analysis and social media
  11. What impact does networking have on the environment
  12. Will social media make newspapers obsolete? An analysis of Twitter
  13. Is social media making us more narcissistic?
  14. Is blogging equal to a profession in journalism?
  15. Financial analysis: social media as a source of income for young people
  16. Discuss legislative measures on social media in the U.S.A
  17. How does social media help out vulnerable populations?
  18. Time management tips for college students: social media approach
  19. Is online tutoring overtaking traditional college education?
  20. Comparative analysis: offline bullying and cyberbullying
  21. What are the drawbacks of the large-scale proliferation of social media sites?

Concluding thoughts

It is unimaginable for the modern world to live without social media. To write compelling social media essays, you need a variety of engaging social media essay topics to choose from. If you are trapped in writing for your social media essay, pick any topic above and research it. Additionally, you may use the topic as a building block of your idea.