Nursing Ethical Dilemma Final Paper

Assignment overview:

For this assignment, you will write a 1250-1500 word scholarly APA nursing ethical dilemma paper.
In Module 2, you selected a population focus listed below for this final assignment.
Students will use at least four references, to include the assigned textbook for the course. Include at least four appropriate sources: the textbook, two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, and the fourth may be an organizational/government/professional organization website or additional scholarly article or book.  References will be 5-7 years or newer.

Step 1: In Module 2, you chose a nursing practice ethical dilemma from the populations/situations listed below, or another topic of your choice.

End of life care  ( chosen topic)

Step 2

Write the introduction to the assignment.
Set up your paper according to APA level headings:
Level I headings (Dilemma and Reflection);
Level II headings (Challenges, Role, Ethical Theory, and Action(s) Recommended.
Introduction (Use Title of Paper as your Heading, not the word Introduction). 

  1. Describe a nursing dilemma from the focused population above.
  2. Discuss the Challenges that the nurse addresses with this patient or situation. Include at least two.  Do not use cases described in Chapter 2 of the text (Ethical Theory).
  3. Discuss at least two contributing factors (cultural, economic, and/or social) to the ethical dilemma.
  4. Describe the nursing role in ethical dilemma applying the Nurse Code of Ethics.
  5. Discuss an ethical theory (utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, or moral particularism) related to the dilemma and how it provides a framework for this ethical dilemma.
  6. Describe actions you would recommend, based on the evidence you reviewed.
    Provide a personal reflection 1) on your beliefs/values related to the dilemma and 2) on the ethical demands on nursing today and what should be done to provide quality care in the future related to this dilemma.
    Review for APA format of the paper, citations, and references.