195+ Top Notch Engineering Research Topics

There are hundreds of engineering topics students can choose for research paper topics. Most of these topics are available online for free. Take a look at the following engineering research topics that you can choose to work on in school projects.

Engineering Research topics by Subfield

Engineering topics students can choose for research paper topics grouped by subfields.

Topics in Agricultural and Bio Environmental Engineering

Agricultural and bioenvironmental engineering is a field that deals with the plan, construction, and improvement of farming equipment and machinery.  Take a look at the following environmental engineering topics for research ideas.

  1. Discuss the energy production from improved solid waste and management
  2. What are the pathological aspects of seed-borne?
  3. Discuss the assessment of postharvest Handling practices
  4. Discus the ergonomic modification and performance evaluation of a shoulder strapped brush cutter
  5. A fuzzy-Based Decision Upkeep System for Soil Collection in Olericulture
  6. What is Agricultural Biomass waste collection?
  7. The development process of a battery cage with a manual waste conveyor
  8. Effects of liquid waste from automobile workshops on properties of soil
  9. A study of noise pollution levels in Ilorin metropolis
  10. What is a thermodynamic restriction to nuclear energy on greenhouse gas moderation technology?
  11. Discuss ecological disasters and their effect on the human environment
  12. What is the isolation of oil degradation bacteria?
  13. Assessing heavy metal concentration in the soil
  14. A Sustainable waste to wealth scheme for the University of Lagos

Topics in Agricultural and Bioresources engineering

Agricultural and bioresources engineering is a package that assimilates engineering, design, and biological sciences. It is an exceptional career that uses engineering principles to enhance and sustain the world’s natural resources. Below are some of the most popular engineering research topics.                                                                                                                                                  Get Help By Expert
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  1. The determination of the hydraulic and infiltration capacity
  2. The effects of unlike binders on the physical and burning characteristics of dried leaves briquettes
  3. The development process of a suitable biomass briquette machine
  4. A static analysis and design of lateralized concrete cylindrical shells for farm storage
  5. The Optimization of tomato water production under deficit sub-surface drip irrigation and mulching systems
  6. Discuss the design, construction, and performance estimate of a postharvest heat storage solar
  7. How do evaporating cooling systems work?
  8. The prediction of sugar produced from sugar cane using process modeling
  9. The development process of biofiltration waste stabilization pond for agricultural purpose
  10. Discuss the testing of a drip irrigation system using medical drip as an emitter
  11. The creation process of a solar dryer for food preserver
  12. Discuss the design of a cooling system
  13. The effect of diverse poultry wastes on physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of soil
  14. The effect of lime variation on the moisture content
  15. What is energy intake and competence in single screw extrusion processing of certain starchy crops?

Topics in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Agricultural and environmental engineering is involved in researching environmental problems and coming up with solutions for water and air pollution. Choose any of the topics below for your Engineering research paper topics and attain better grades.

  1. The development process of a greenhouse roof cleaner
  2. Discuss the progression optimization of mechanical oil manifestation from Moringa Oleifera seeds
  3. The effects of chemical management on nutrient content and palatability of senegalia mellifera
  4. The effects of pesticide regulations and their malpractice implications on food and environmental safety
  5. An assessment of crop storage structures in Swaziland
  6. The effect of selected Pretreatment on the setting of cement composite from Two Rattan Species
  7. The effects of cane peeling and Aqueous removal on the compatibility of two Rattan species
  8. The evaluation of farm moving system in Osun and Oyo States of Nigeria
  9. Discuss the comparison of water quality indexes for inland river
  10. The review of three methods for estimating leaf area index of cowpea
  11. A Comparative evaluation of climatic data observation methods
  12. The development of a cleaning and grading machine to expand the quality of milled rice
  13. The three selected varieties of optimum tomato dehydration and drying kinetics
  14. The development of a wind Rosette for farmstead planning
  15. How is optimum soil conditioning for celosia Argentea Propagation is exposed to irrigation preparation

 Agricultural Engineering Research Topics

When you choose agricultural engineering, you can make farming sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly. You can analyze agricultural activities and look at new ways to improve land use, conserve resources, and increase yields. This is an exciting research topic for your project; therefore, select any of the topics below and explore more about thesis writing.

  1. The development and performance evaluation of a non-weighing lysimeter for African spinach
  2. What is the determination of the compressive strength of palm kernel shell concrete?
  3. Discuss the design and development of a hybrid solar
  4. A computer program for Agri-machinery cost estimation
  5. Using diesel and biodiesel to recover exhaust gases energy from compression ignition engine

 Biomedical engineering Research Topics

Biomedical engineering’s primary focus is an innovation that improves human health and health care at any level. It analyzes and designs solutions to biology and medicine issues to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care for patients. Take a look at the following topics for your school projects.                                                                 

  1. A study of optical and thermal effects of gold nanoparticles
  2. An analysis of blood glucose measurement based on blood resistivity
  3. The impact of short messages technique in health level 7
  4. The design of a hybrid artificial hip joint finite element analysis
  5. Discuss the creation of a programmed oxygen delivery system
  6. Discuss the plan of a real-time heart sounds recognition system

Chemical Engineering Research Topics

Chemical engineering is sometimes called universal engineering. They have all the basic engineering training in mathematics and physics as well as chemistry and biology. Here are some chemical engineering research topics you can brainstorm.

  1. What is the COVID-19 Virus repellent solution in liquid electric air sanitization?
  2. The fluidized bed reactor modeling and simulation with Aspen plus for Alumina production system
  3. How does cashew nutshell liquid become renewable and reliable petrochemical for feedstock?
  4. The Kinetic modeling of enhanced bioremediation of polluted hydrocarbon soil
  5. A Biodiesel production and life cycle assessment from three waste oils

Civil engineering Research Topics

You can design and oversee public works here, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, dams, sewage systems, and large infrastructure projects. In your project, you will apply scientific understanding to increase standard services that will help meet basic human needs. Take a look at these research topics you can select.

  1. A statistical analysis of vibration signals for condition monitoring of defects in exhaust fan bearing
  2. The fire risk assessment of construction companies in Nueva Ecija
  3. The overall performance of a double reflector solar box cooker with phase material energy storage
  4. Discuss the Structural characteristics of silcrete blocks
  5. The Mathematical models for sandbag check dam
  6. An investigation of the structural characteristics of lime-cement concrete

Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Topics

Civil and environmental engineers are problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and global leaders, from clean drinking water to good roads making life better for everyone. Here are research topics examples.

  1. The effects of date palm seed ash as a supplementary cementitious material in concrete
  2. The effects of groundwater quality Assessment for Umbanda, District, Omdurman, Sudan
  3. How is the post-independence safety of air transport in Nigeria?
  4. Discuss the development of iron and steel processing plants in Kenya
  5. Development of an expert system for the optimal design of roof and bridge trusses
  6. The reliability and risk-based assessment of offshore jacket arrangements in the Niger Delta
  7. The Challenges of Water Supply for A Megacity

Communications Technology Research Topics

 Here you will have the knowledge to operate, maintain and upgrade communications equipment. It would help if you had an understanding of wireless technologies, mechanical operations, and problem-solving. Take a look at these most popular communication technology research topics and learn more about Genetic engineering research paper topics.

  1. Students and teachers’ observations of aspects affecting students’ performance in KCSE mathematics in Tana River County, Kenya
  2. Discuss communication systems and electrical systems research cluster
  3. A critical analysis of prisons as discourse communities
  4. The design and implementation of a hybrid cloud using stacks distro community edition
  5. A survey of news consumption patterns of students of the University of Ghana
  6. A study of gender roles in public relations practice in Ghana

Engineering research topics

Computer engineering Research Topics

In your project, you will design; maintain computer software and hardware systems. You will also create, test, and design circuit boards, computer processors, and network systems. Check out the following research topics on Computer engineering research topics.

  1. What are the early plant disease detection and recommendation using ML CNN?
  2. The improvement of software defect using cluster

You can take this project and write the best Software engineering research topics.

  1. The strategies for optimizing password management against versatile attacks
  2. The effects developed biomass wastes briquette stove for domestic use
  3. Data mining and knowledge finding in a database for developed industrial safety
  4. A tool for the simulation of stream processing tasks on two-dimensional mainframe arrays

Topics in electrical electronics engineering

  1. The design and construction of a door lock alert system using a microcontroller
  2. The gas monitoring and cylinder booking alert system
  3. A study of snxsey thin films for stage change memory applications
  4. Intelligent room controller design with bidirectional counters for energy efficiency applications
  5. An aperture coupled microstrip for design and fabrication of antennas with arbitrarily shaped apertures
  6. The analysis of microstrips antenna using randomly shaped patches having the same surface area

Electrical Engineering research topics

In this field, you will deal with electromagnetism and electricity. You will be required to apply the physics and mathematics of power and electromagnetism to design and create new electrical equipment and systems. You can choose a research topic below and also explore more on Research topics.

  1. Discuss the creation of an electronic siren circuit
  2. The effects of Nitrogen doping on Tin-selenium
  3. The contingency and security analysis for power system network, case study
  4. The automation of waste segregation via sensors
  5. An assessment of embedded power generation in Nigeria
  6. Reliability and maintenance for asset management in the electric power supply system
  7. An intelligent load system claims in Sudan national grid
  8. The evaluation and improvement of power quality on the distribution network

Topics in electrical power and machines

  1. The analysis of design and performance for welding fumes extraction system
  2. Development of nonlinear regulator schemes for electric power system maintenance
  3. A new voltage firmness index for determining voltage failure in electrical power networks

Topics in energy and power engineering

Here you will come across the repair of boiler systems and other mechanical systems in a facility. You will be required to ensure equipment operates safely and efficiently within the facility. Check out these topic examples.

  1. The simulation and Optimization of a drying model for a forced convection grain dryer
  2. Discuss the municipal solid waste design optimization using computer simulation and mathematical modeling
  3. Discuss solar cell’s terrestrial stability
  4. Effects of drop-shaped dimensions in a numerical study on heat exchange performance
  5. What is a Thermal nuclear reactor?
  6. Nigeria transient power stability analysis

Industrial design engineering research topics

For these projects, you will be required to create a concept for manufactured products, such as cars, electronics, and toys. You will combine art, business, and engineering to develop products that people use daily. You can choose topics for your research from Professional Engineering research paper writers below.

  1. The effects of natural dye application extracted from plants on cotton cloths using the screen printing technique

 Topics in Production Engineering

As a production engineer, you will be required to design how something will be made. Take a look at these popular questions for your project.

  1. Discuss the transportation costs optimization in supply chain management
  2. The quality function of the combined application and Pareto analysis of hotel services
  3. A framework for in-house development of educational management information system
  4. Genetic engineering research topics algorithm for job scheduling in a machine shop
  5. What is the productivity improvement in bus body manufacturing?
  6. The development and maintenance strategy in the flour milling industry

Topics in material and metallurgical engineering

Here you will have to study and develop materials that power our bodies and world. You can also do testing to ensure the safety of materials or recycle existing materials. Choose a suitable topic for your Industrial engineering research topics project here.

  1. The usage of local clay for the production of porcelain pin insulators
  2. What is the impact of local clay on floor tiles production?
  3. Inhibition of the corrosion of mild steel in the acidic environment using leaf extract as inhibitor
  4. Effects of the color yield of acid dye on nylon fabric
  5. Soft and medium bacteria corrosion on carbon steels
  6. Discuss the construction, design, and crucible furnace testing
  7. Effects of heat treatment on mild steel corrosion metal on cassava juice

Topics in Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer, you will be responsible for developing products and systems such as space shuttle vehicles, aircraft, power plants, and factories. Here are some of the best Mechanical Engineering Research Topics to select for your project.

  1. Single-walled nonlinear vibrations for delivering nanoparticles
  2. What are the effects of cavitation in centrifugal pumps?
  3. The performance of modified vehicle systems in generating hydropower; This is the best Mechanical Engineering Topics for a Ph.D. project.
  4. Biofuels characterization from various Nigerian crops for engines internal combustion
  5. The benefits of energy-based performance of a solar refrigerator
  6. The creation of gas propelled rocket engine is a great
  7. Performance and design of a parabolic solar cooker

Topics in Mechatronics Engineering

This is a field of science that assimilates the principles of mechanical engineering, electronics, computers engineering, telecommunications, and control engineering. See the top reviewed mechatronics and Research topics in automotive engineering topics below.

  1. The heat exchanger design using Khartoum refinery company
  2. The implementation of a vehicle accident notification system
  3. Automating aircraft painting by using PLC conceptual design
  4. Discuss the creation of PID controller robotic arm
  5. What is the simulation of a microcontroller-based industrial robotic arm controller?
  6. The development of autonomous lawnmowers from locally obtained material

Topics in Nuclear Engineering

You will develop the processes, systems such as instruments, and systems used to benefit from nuclear energy and radiation; here are some popular questions to choose a topic.

  1. What is the simulation of groundwater flow in the voltaic?
  2. The impact of stability and regulator of a supercritical water reactor system
  3. What are Binary collision and Dynamic molecular simulation of alloys at supercritical water conditions?
  4. Thermal examination of a pebble bed on a high-temperature gas-cooled vessel
  5. What are the effects of wall roughness on stability flow analysis of supercritical heated channels?

Topics in Oil and Gas Management

In oil and gas management, you will be involved in the process of oil extraction and natural gas from reservoirs. Oil and gas petrophysics knowledge to ensure that drilling operations are accurately conducted. Check out the following research topics. 

  1. The effects of stabilizing slug flow at great valve opening using active feedback regulator
  2. The environmental implication of oil gas activities on citizens’ livelihood in the Western region of Ghana
  3. What is the expectation of oil and gas management in Ghana?
  4. What is Petroleum revenue assessment management?
  5. What is a coiled tubing technical support engineer?
  6. The good stimulation in Oredo using Hydraulic fracturing
  7. The factors affecting the profitability of retail fuels in the urban area

Topics in petroleum engineering

In this topic, you will be a reservoir of regular gas and crude oil underneath the surface of the earth. You will determine if the power of mining the product will be worth the time and money. As a petroleum engineer, you will focus on finding oil, evaluating its potential, recovering the oil, and storing it. The following are the best petroleum engineering topics to choose for school projects.

  1. The artificial lift selection for condensate gas well
  2. The effects of crude oil economic stabilization
  3. The liquid holds up effects on Hydrocarbon production in a papered tubing string
  4. The economic study and application of a particular point gas lift Systems engineering research topics
  5. The predictive model’s developments for diffusion frequency of leaked crude oil
  6. What is the impact of drilling fluid development from biomaterials?
  7. Discuss the characterization of Nigerian crude oil wax
  8. The Future carbon dioxide injection implication on selected reservoir rock and fluids
  9. The latest model for predicting liquid loading in gas wells
  10. Discuss a simple generalized equation of state
  11. The prediction of flowing bottom hole pressure in gas-condensate wells
  12. The analysis of water cresting in horizontal wells
  13. The economics of crude oil stabilization
  14. The gold recovery by cyanide leaching
  15. The performance of a gas-fired oven
  16. A correlation of predicting the viscosity of Nigerian crude oils
  17. A correlation of oil recovery or water-driven reservoirs
  18. An improved reservoir description using surface oil thickness data
  19. A mechanistic model for predicting sand production
  20. What is a theoretical analysis of gravity-controlled water floods?
  21. The application of the minimum curvature method to well path calculations

  Topics in polymer science engineering

Here you will analyze, design, and modify polymer materials. Polymer materials are a group of synthetic materials that contain plastics, rubber, and nylon. Here are the most popular topics in polymer engineering and Industrial engineering research topics.

  1. The modeling and analysis of the film blowing process
  2. How do printing variables affect the color yield of reactive dye?
  3. What are some of the mechanical properties studies of watermelon rind?
  4. The characterization of silver nanoparticles using tropical, medicinal plant extracts

Topics in structural engineering

Here you will focus on the physical integrity and design of bridges, tunnels, and buildings. Check out these topics for your school projects.

  1. An artificial neural network model for the expectation of elastic modulus of concrete
  2. The direct application of the variationally standard in elastic strength of a thin rectangular flat plate
  3. The numerical investigation of burial steel culverts design
  4. The analysis of beam on nonhomogeneous elastic foundation using an initial value approach
  5. A theoretical formulation of nameplate subjected to a moving nanoparticle
  6. A nonlinear-nonlocal continuum-based scrutiny

Topics in telecommunications engineering

Your project will involve wireless communication across the globe. You will need to keep up with the latest advances and continually improve the methods people use for communication. Here are some of the topic examples for research.

  1. An FM bugger circuit design
  2. Based access controller lock using fingerprint biometrics and passcode authentication
  3. An implementation of a hybrid cloud using stacks distro community edition
  4. A handover algorithm for machine type communication in LTE network
  5. Improving performance for indoor users using femtocells
  6. Radar targets detection under complex environment
  7. How do performance analysis standards for wireless body area networks work?
  8. The investigation of mobile phone use and its health impacts
  9. Catastrophic risks for telecommunication system in perto energy company
  10. An automated fish feeder using the internet of things (IoT)
  11. An assessment of the suitable modulation scheme for power line communication system
  12. The development of an electric voting machine with A Gsm Module
  13. A home web-based automation system using Arduino
  14. The design of an android based Tomato irrigation System
  15. An automatic synthesis system for wireless station Antennas based on traffic load
  16. The implementation of an intranet radio using transport protocol for university
  17. An automated water reticulation system
  18. The design of a cheap indoor ultrasonic intruder limiting system
  19. The development of taxi monitoring and passenger inventory system
  20. The development of a low-cost solar TV transmitter
  21. The performance evaluation of coding power line communication channel                                              


The discipline of engineering covers a wide range of more specialized fields of engineering. Above are the several disciplines that cover the latest engineering research topics. You can contact for engineering projects and research papers to be more enlightened on how to choose top-notch engineering research topics.