165+ Latest Nursing Research Topics

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear about nursing research? Research is the foundation of your nursing course. As a nursing student, suitable nursing research topics should help you explore and learn more about the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing.

Research is an efficient way to obtain valuable information on the best healthcare practices for providing patient care. In this article, we will go through several nursing research topics to give you great ideas for your nursing research assignment.


PICO is a mnemonic for the elements of a clinical research question. It is a requirement in evidence-based research for nursing. The PICOT framework is divided into four elements:

  • Population, Patient, or Problem

Population refers to the sample of subjects you wish to use for your study. You may define a sample that is more likely to your interpolation or generalize it as patients.

  • Intervention

Intervention refers to the action that will be accorded to the subjects enrolled in your study. It involves the plan you have for your patients, for example, tests, therapies, and medications.

  • Comparison

This denotes an alternative to your plan. It is sometimes referred to as the control group. A gold standard treatment should be considered the comparison group.

  • Outcome

An outcome is the measurement of the effectiveness of your intervention. Different outcome tools can be utilized for the clinical population each with its pros and cons.

  • Time

Time refers to the timeframe to reach your desired outcome. (This parameter is not always included).

Nursing PICOT Questions

A good clinical research paper addresses most or all aspects of PICO. Here is a list of PICOT questions available for exploration:

  1. What are the best practices and techniques for starting and ending oxygen therapy?
  2. Is there a risk of non-smoking adults developing esophageal cancer?
  3. Is an annual mammogram effective in detecting cancer in women above the age of 40 years?
  4. Which is more efficient for IV infiltration cold packs or heat packs?
  5. Preventing a cold during winter in middle-aged women: vitamin C versus Zinc
  6. Is the RASKIN protocol effective in treating patients suffering a migraine?
  7. Are first-time mothers delivering pre-mature babies more prone to postpartum depression compared to second and third-time mothers?
  8. Pain response management: the effectiveness of using toys to distract toddlers during injections
  9. Is hypertension manageable with regular workout routines?
  10. The best techniques of administering oxygen to toddlers between 2 to 3 months
  11. What is the effect of controlling sublingual sugar?
  12. Is a nasal aspirate more effective than a nasal swab, more effective for children suffering from a cold?
  13. Dealing with women in labor, and analysis of the lithotomy position as an ideal position of giving birth
  14. Discuss the effectiveness of tube feeding versus cup feeding of an infant in a NICU setup
  15. What are the chances of mitigating pneumonia by raising the head of a mechanically ventilated patient?
  16. Discuss the ethical implications of giving placebo medication for pediatric patients suffering from mental health issues
  17. MDI versus regular nebulizers in managing asthma attacks in pediatric patients
  18. Discuss how effective oral contraceptives are as a family planning method for women over 30 years of age
  19. Describe the procedure of detecting C difficile in children below 5 years of age
  20. Discuss the correlation between NGT and VAP
  21. Would encourage employees to talk about harassment in the workplace reduce the rate of depression in the workplace?
  22. Is a colonoscopy enough to determine colon cancer or does occult blood test help in asserting the case?
  23. What is the effect of taking mental health prescription drugs among urban young women on their maternal health?
  24. What is the effect of social media messages (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) on the sugar levels of patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes?
  25. Does the increased intake of marijuana among college students increase their rate of depression?

Quantitative nursing research topics

Quantitative research is aimed at acquiring empirical evidence using inference and generalization. This implies you need to gather evidence to validate or refute a particular theory. Consequently, you should extend your results or findings to a larger population. 

Quantitative research can be experimental or non-experimental in design. Experimental research employs strict control by the researcher to gain results. On the other hand, non-experimental research is an implication of what transpires naturally without intervention from the researcher.

  1. The relevance of computational skills in pharmacological math
  2. The statistical correlation between obesity and cancer rates
  3. Case study on creating an effective weight loss program for overweight patients
  4. An analysis on the correlation between teen aggression and violent video games
  5. Discuss the effectiveness of simulator training for new nurses in the intensive care unit
  6. The role of moral judgment in nursing dilemmas
  7. Management techniques of critical care stress
  8. Methods of pain evaluation post-surgery
  9. Obstetric nursing training using Hi-Fi simulation
  10. Ethics for Ob-Gyn nurses
  11. Mental practices in transcultural settings
  12. Discuss nurses’ perspectives on ethics
  13. Family-centered care and nursing informatics (NI)
  14. Qualitative nursing research topics

Qualitative research studies focus on an individual’s experience. Results are achieved through interaction with the subject and observation. After gaining evidence to support your theory, you do not need to generalize your results to a larger population.

There are four types of qualitative research study ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, and narrative inquiry. Below are a few examples of qualitative nursing research topics:

  1. Mental disorders among prisoners
  2. Discuss the most significant factors in patient security
  3. Discuss the effectiveness of e-health in treating patients
  4. Techniques used in treating physical trauma
  5. The influence of social processes on patient behavior
  6. Perceptions of the nursing profession from feminist pragmatism
  7. Discuss environmental factors that improve the recovery period of a patient
  8. How effective is mirror therapy for stroke patients who are partially paralyzed?
  9. What should you do as a nurse if an elderly patient refuses to eat?
  10. The effect of skin-to-skin therapy by mothers on infants
  11. Physical exercises meant to improve mental health
  12. Investigate the most significant triggers of depression in late adulthood
  13. Engagement of the family in primary healthcare

Nursing research paper topics

Choosing a topic for research is often daunting for many students as they are not sure what to pick. A general rule of thumb is to, choose a topic that is current with some literature available for research. The followings are the best topics for presentation;

  1. Therapy techniques for speech disorders
  2. A critical analysis of dental and oral hygiene in the U.S
  3. Evaluate a case study on accounts of positive birth experiences in the United States
  4. Environmental and genetic factors affecting Schizophrenic patients
  5. The correlation between OCD and brain inflammation
  6. Prevention strategies of ADHD in boys
  7. New methods of treating agoraphobia
  8. Diagnosis of psychogenic movement disorders
  9. Critical analysis of smoking cessation obstacles and new techniques in aiding smokers to quit

Evidence-based practice nursing research topics

Evidence-based nursing focuses on the most current and up-to-date methods of nursing. These methods must undergo rigorous testing to verify their relevance and quality to the field.

  1. Self-care practices for nurses in evidence based-practice
  2. Qualitative guidelines in sharpening nurses’ critical thinking skills, and evidence-based approach
  3. The effect of nursing leadership styles in the creation of evidence-based practice: conduct a primary exploration
  4. Evidence-based care: utilizing social media platforms to provide care
  5. Evidence-based approach on nurse selection and recruitment
  6. Investigative analysis on whether evidence-based practices improve nursing
  7. The definition of safety by nurses: an evidence-based approach
  8. Safety measures for patients suffering from dementia in in-patient settings
  9. The relevance of PICO guidelines in providing evidence-based care

Research topics in nursing

Successful research in nursing should be both innovative and informative. You should maintain proper research and paper structure for your paper to earn a high score. Here are new  nursing capstone research topics you may on:

  1. Antibiotic resistance in infants
  2. Non-chemical practices for managing the bi-polar disorder
  3. Treatment of PTSD exposure therapy: highlight its effectiveness
  4. The diagnosis and treatment of body dysmorphic disorder
  5. An evaluation of brain factors in borderline personality disorder
  6. Major causes of anorexia nervosa
  7. Discuss the correlation between selective mutism and social phobia
  8. Labor intervention and effects of obesity and pregnancy
  9. Key concepts of teamwork in midwifery
  10. Treating pressure ulcers in hip fracture patients

Nursing Research Topic

Nursing research paper example

Below is a brief nursing research paper. It illustrates the structure, flow, and vocabulary used in healthcare settings.

Compulsory overtime in nursing

The issue of obligatory overtime in the nursing sector has stirred mixed reactions from different stakeholders in the sector. Consequently, this move has led to a large number of nurses leaving the profession. This has in turn led to jeopardy in the remaining workforce on the quality of service they deliver.

Requiring employees to work past a certain time goes against the human resource aspect as well as contract and policy provisions. Some nurses have viewed the mandatory overtime provision as professional injustice and as a hurdle to them giving proper healthcare service. On the other hand, other nurses have seen this as an opportunity to earn extra income.

International guidelines suggest that nurses should work a shift of between 8-12 hours. Research has proven that nurses experience extreme sleep and fatigue if subjected to work for more than 12 consecutive hours. The implications of extensive working schedules have led both patients and nurses to advocate for proposals that go against nursing policy stipulations.

The major effects of compulsory additional time are nurse fatigue and understaffing. Both of these issues adversely affect the well-being of nurses and the patients they take care of.

Caregivers can associate themselves with nursing practices past normal working hours. That does not, however, justify, exploitation by management.

In conclusion, the vicious cycle of a nurse shortage, burnout, and inefficient caregiving cannot certainly be solved by compulsory overtime. Healthcare management needs to find more sustainable solutions to nurses’ welfare.

Topics for nursing research

Research is key to the nursing field. It not only reveals innovative practices but also tests the relevance and efficiency of current nursing practices. Here are a few ideas for research:

  1. Care approaches for alcohol use disorders among elderly patients
  2. Ethical issues in the use of physical restraints on patients
  3. Prevention approaches for delirium in elderly patients
  4. Accuracy in the use of machine learning in predicting dementia in older adults
  5. Causes and pervasiveness for stress in nurses and midwives
  6. Risk factors and treatment of diabetes during pregnancy
  7. An investigative analysis of sleep disorders in new mothers
  8. Risk factors and management of progressed maternal age
  9. The correlation between maladaptive behavior and panic disorder
  10. Ways of improving a healthy lifestyle during old age

Nursing projects Idea Topics

A nursing project is a study or research conducted on a topic related to nursing practice. A project should include a problem statement, purpose, methodology, and synopsis of findings. Check the top-notch nursing project ideas;

  1. Educational strategies for promoting a healthy lifestyle through social media
  2. Explore the most effective methods for raising awareness of mental health
  3. The most effective methods for raising awareness of heart disease
  4. A study of healthy eating habits as a way of preventing diet-associated cancers
  5. The most effective methods in raising awareness of cancer-causing air pollution
  6. A descriptive study on the experience of critical care nurses during the covid-19 pandemic
  7. The effectiveness of maternal literacy on malnutrition in infants
  8. Preventive measure of anemia in pregnant women
  9. Feasibility and acceptability of cervical cancer awareness screening among young females (18-35 years)
  10. An empirical study of food safety habits among food vendors in a city
  11. The perception and acceptability of cesarean section by pregnant mothers in rural areas
  12. Evaluation of attitudes and perceptions of nursing students toward people with disabilities
  13. Managing mental disorder stigma in the workplace
  14. Perceptions of modern contraceptives by middle-aged women
  15. The Donabedian model in evaluating maternal and child healthcare quality service

Critical care nursing research topics

Critical care is medical attention given to patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries. This takes place in a critical care unit, where a highly trained caregiver gives 24-hour attention to a patient.

  1. Experimental assessment of the importance of nutritional care to critically ill children
  2. Complications that arise from the wrong insertion of short peripheral catheters
  3. Nurse communication styles to psychologically support ICU patients
  4. Is telephonic consultation efficient in primary care?
  5. The significance of alarm setting to critically ill patients
  6. A nurse’s perspective on open visitation of ICU patients
  7. Theoretical models of critical care nursing: literature review
  8. The significance of intensive and critical care in healthcare
  9. An investigation of the causes of burnout in critical care nurses
  10. Methods of improving professionalism among critical caregivers
  11. The experience of critical nurses with digital technology in the ICU
  12. Evaluate how the quality of care is affected by the nurse-patient ratio
  13. Describe the effects of compassion fatigue on a critical nurse’s personal life
  14. Techniques of managing workload among critical caregivers
  15. Discuss the key challenges of communication in the ICU

Nursing research questions

A good research question should prompt you to learn more about nursing. To come up with a good question follow the following simple steps:

  • Carefully read through the instructions of the assignment
  • Select a topic that greatly interests you
  • Search for resources that validate your work

Here are a few examples of nursing research questions:

  1. What are the most efficient methods of treating acne in women?
  2. What is an epidural?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of delivering with a partner?
  4. What emergency cases prompt the need to perform a cesarean section?
  5. What are the best practices for improving nurses’ productivity? A human resource management approach
  6. Should information overload and stress be clinically treated?
  7. How effective is hypnotherapy in pain management?
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of providing medical services at a patient’s home?
  9. Are probiotics effective in diarrhea treatment?
  10. Should doctors and nurses have equal opportunity?
  11. What are the main guidelines for marijuana management?

Good Nursing paper topics

Good research topics for new students in the field address the most basic principles of nursing. Nursing students should expect a steep learning curve to gain professionalism. Here are a few paper topic suggestions open for research:

  1. Analyze the ethics of assisted suicide
  2. Describe the procedure of episiotomy
  3. Understanding the key principles of brain exercise
  4. Ways of raising awareness on the effect of UV radiation in stimulating skin cancer
  5. Treatment options for mood disorders in children
  6. Reproductive endocrinology
  7. Recent innovations in injection use
  8. Ethical dilemmas between saving a child or a mother
  9. The procedure of starting a private medical practice
  10. Ethics in medical sales marketing campaigns
  11. Educational strategies for adolescent gynecology
  12. Discuss the characteristics of cancer-related depression and fatigue
  13. Discuss the most significant causes of child obesity
  14. What are the merits of nursing classification?

Controversial Nursing Research Topic

Some issues in nursing may be unpopular or receive mixed reactions from a majority of the population. Here are a few nursing topics surrounded by controversy open for exploration:

  1. Are nursing homes good places for older adults?
  2. Discuss the professional ethics of adopting internationally trained nurses in local settings
  3. Discrimination of nurses by supervisors and patients in healthcare settings
  4. Work hazards subjected to nurses
  5. Medical approaches to abortion
  6. Approaches to surrogacy and artificial insemination

Research topic in healthcare sector

Healthcare research is a diverse field that offers solutions to prevailing challenges in the healthcare industry. Here are a few examples of nursing research topics in healthcare:

  1. Inequalities that exist in the medical field
  2. Discuss controversial issues in the healthcare industry
  3. Discuss patient perception of the quality of care between public and private hospitals
  4. What is the impact of healthcare staff training on delivering quality services?
  5. An investigative approach to healthcare issues in developing nations
  6. Staff shortage problems during Covid-19
  7. Aspects of risk management in treating diseases
  8. What is the role of surgeons in healthcare?

Medical research topic ideas

Writing compelling research in the medical field is a challenging task. You need to choose a captivating topic that will engage your readers. Here are a few examples:

  1. An overview of rare genetic diseases
  2. Investigate the physiological and mental changes during changing
  3. Diabetes as a public danger
  4. An assessment of public health in developing nations
  5. The function of thyroid glands in the human body
  6. The advantages of early detection of cancer
  7. Application of stem cells in cancer treatment
  8. Ethical implications of using human subjects in medical research
  9. The procedure of colorectal cancer surgery

In summary

Research is an invaluable tool in nursing since it helps you obtain valuable information on the best patient care practices. Great nursing research topics should aid you with good learning points, theoretical and practical in your field.

In case you are stuck, on what to write on nursing research seek nursing assignment help.