150 Latest Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For A+

Many students struggle with writing their nursing capstone projects because they lack an idea to write on. And, if they do have a concept, they don’t know how to proceed or lack the time necessary to write it.

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What Is A Nursing Capstone Project?

It refers to a type of paper that uses experiments, facts, and practical work experience to help nursing students advance their professional skills.

Students are obligated to complete a research project on their choice within a healthcare field. A capstone project in nursing can help you obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Below is a list of nursing capstone ideas that you can use for your nursing capstone project;

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

Here are some latest nursing capstone project ideas suggestions:

  1. Is the link between homelessness and mental health problems is strong
  2. Yoga is very good at keeping your mental health and well-being in check.
  3. Use of expressive art therapy to help young people grow up in a positive way
  4. Using CBT to help veterans who have PTSD
  5. Children are harmed by domestic violence
  6. Mental health interventions based on culture
  7. For new nurses, bullying at work can harm their careers.
  8. A new mental health guide for teachers is being made.
  9. There should be more use of cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in psychiatric facilities.
  10. Art and mental health go together.
  11. People who kill themselves as kids:
  12. Psychiatry for children and teenagers
  13. Therapy with ketamine infusions
  14. Dependence on tobacco
  15. In psychiatric centers, people are safe.
  16. Preventing falls in mental health facilities
  17. Disorders of substance abuse
  18. Abuse of drugs and alcohol by older people
  19. Approach to health education for people who have a mental health condition
  20. Getting rid of stigma among caregivers and patients with mental illnesses
  21. Aboriginal populations face mental health difficulties.
  22. Understanding Women’s Postnatal Depression
  23. Adolescent mental health nursing
  24. Children in prison have the best mental health scales.
  25. Aboriginals or a specific population have access to mental health care.
  26. Nurses’ lateral violence
  27. The effectiveness of deaf service users’ mental health services
  28. Outcome measures for an inpatient with mental illness
  29. Mental illness and decision-making autonomy
  30. Psychological rehabilitation readiness evaluation
  31. Heritage, arts, museums, and mental health are all intertwined.
  32. The Effects of Teen Suicide
  33. Educating student nurses on trauma management in clinical settings
  34. ADN students’ mental health simulation models
  35. Is it true that Intellectual Disability Nurses are seen differently than other nurses?

Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

Here is some latest nursing capstone project ideas list:

  1. Compassion fatigue and operating room nurses
  2. Anesthetists are suffering from burnout.
  3. Asepsis in surgery
  4. How to Use Surgical Smoke Extraction in the Operating Room
  5. States where surgical smoke evacuation is required
  6. Eliminating Surgical Smoke Improves Perioperative Nurses’ Health
  7. General anesthesia complications
  8. Nurses’ roles and responsibilities in OT
  9. OT fumigation
  10. Electrosurgical Smoke’s Hazards to Operating Room Personnel
  11. Obstacles to developing effective smoke evacuation and prevention practices
  12. Meningitis Causes and Symptoms
  13. Throat bypass surgery
  14. The Effects of Surgical Smoke on the Operating Room Staff
  15. Peripheral artery bypass surgery
  16. Bypass grafting of the coronary arteries
  17. Obese patients may benefit from bariatric surgery.
  18. The Clinical Nurse Coordinator’s Role
  19. Failure of organs and transplantation
  20. Involvement of patients in their treatment and intervention following surgery

Nursing Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

The following is a collection of nursing research topics and ideas that might serve as an excellent jumping-off point for developing a unique topic for your nursing leadership capstone project.

Numerous researchers have delved into the fascinating field of leadership. This does not mean that all knowledge has been exhausted.

When choosing nursing leadership capstone topics, you must exercise extreme caution to avoid selecting an extensive topic that may sound insipid on the quality of your nursing capstone project. Here are some latest nursing capstone project ideas and suggestions:

  1. Is nurse leadership a matter of passion or obligation?
  2. The role of transformative leadership in the management of nurse practitioners
  3. Nurse engagement and inclusion’s effect on patient outcomes
  4. Nurse leaders can employ organizational tactics to motivate healthcare personnel.
  5. Contemporary nurse leaders face numerous challenges.
  6. The role of nurse leaders in resolving clinical conflicts
  7. Role of Nurse leaders in avoiding violence in emergency departments
  8. How nurse leaders can combat nurse burnout
  9. The critical nature of developing a personal leadership philosophy
  10. Leadership in the United States’ health care system

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Nurses are constantly addressing the issue of patient falls as an MSN. DNP, or BSN student, you may select a capstone project topic related to patient falls and write an excellent capstone project that will earn you the highest scores.

When considering the holistic issue of patient falls, it is necessary to include measurement scales and contributory factors such as dementia, mental and physical health problems, age, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Diverse fall prevention and fall management strategies might also be a focus of your nursing capstone project. Here is some patient falls nursing capstone project ideas suggestions:

  1. Can education avoid patient falls?
  2. Strategies for preventing falls in the home
  3. Hospital fall prevention strategies
  4. Potential reasons for hospital falls
  5. Establishing a fall and a patient who is in danger of falling
  6. The use of the family cards and spices framework to evaluate elderly patients
  7. Interventions by nurses to avoid falls
  8. Falls intervention options based on evidence in hospital settings
  9. The application of video and camera surveillance to the prevention of falls in elderly patients
  10. The application of technology in fall prevention
  11. Measurement and improvement of hospital-based fall programs in high-reliability organizations
  12. The role of hospital administration in preventing patient falls
  13. A quality improvement initiative to minimize falls in medical-surgical units has been launched.
  14. Factors associated with psychiatric patient falls in hospitals
  15. Establishing a fall-prevention culture
  16. The role of healthcare managers in fall injury prevention in assisted living facilities
  17. Patients with osteoporosis are more likely to fall.
  18. Multifaceted approaches for the prevention of falls in the elderly
  19. Exercise can help reduce falls in elderly patients.
  20. The morse fall risk scale and its application in risk assessment and management
  21. Characteristics of patients who are at risk of falling
  22. Using technical controls to keep patients and the elderly safe from falls
  23. Tool for assessing the risk of a fall in an outpatient setting
  24. The impact of using an evidence-based fall risk scale on fall rates
  25. Tool for assessing the danger of falling

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Informatics Nursing Capstone Project Ideas and Topics

The healthcare industry has benefited from technological improvements. Consider these ideas if you’re looking for nursing informatics capstone project ideas.

  1. Ethics and data management in the medical industry
  2. Data management in healthcare facilities
  3. How to make use of robotics in surgery
  4. Data security and nursing informatics
  5. How mobile health apps can improve rural healthcare
  6. Acute patient care using electronic medical records
  7. Examining disagreement in nurse informatics
  8. Using technology to teach professional nurses
  9. How technology can aid in the management of nurse shortages in rural areas
  10. Methods for improving hospital information systems
  11. Enhancing data security for patients in critical care
  12. The benefits of investing in nurse informatics
  13. E-learning simulations’ potential for medical education
  14. Data breach in healthcare and its consequences
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Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Your nursing capstone project can focus on emergency care in hospitals. These might be exciting emergency nursing capstone project ideas:

  1. Efforts to reduce hospital emergency department overcrowding
  2. Freestanding emergency departments: costs and benefits
  3. Tele-potential emergencies in rural areas
  4. Statistics on the impact of nurse shortages in emergency rooms
  5. Burnout among emergency nurses is common, and there are ways to avoid it.
  6. Managing violent situations in hospital emergency rooms
  7. Pediatric medications in emergency rooms: are they safe?
  8. How does the design of an emergency room affect service quality?
  9. Infection control in the emergency room
  10. Nurses in emergency rooms – incentive programs
  11. Minimizing the time patients spend in the emergency room
  12. In emergency rooms, the quality of care is poor.
  13. In emergency rooms, treating patients with mental health issues
  14. Nasal administration of medicines in emergency rooms
  15. Terrorist attacks and other extreme situations: preparing emergency department personnel

Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Healthcare facilities must make sure that children get the best care possible. A capstone project on this subject can use these nursing capstone project topic ideas:

  1. In private pediatric healthcare facilities, managing service quality and cost is a challenge
  2. Comparing pediatric care in the united kingdom and the united state
  3. How to spot a child who has been sexually abused
  4. How to take care of children with a terminal illness
  5. The effects of losing a child patient on hospital staff
  6. Can divorce make children’s pre-existing conditions worse?
  7. How can pediatric care be made more accessible to children from underserved communities?
  8. Medical concerns for child abuse victims
  9. Children with measles and the consequences to consider
  10. Understanding and treating movement disorders in children
  11. Children with autism can benefit from meditation and other techniques
  12. Kidney stone prevention in children
  13. Improving cancer-related healthcare services for children
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Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

There are numerous capstone project topics specific to women’s health, such as pregnancy and menopause. Here are some suggestions of women’s health capstone project ideas and topics:

  1. Understanding and managing menopause
  2. The impacts of smoking on pregnant women and their babies
  3. Epidurals and induced births
  4. Explaining breast pumps and their advantages and disadvantages
  5. What factors influence a woman’s decision to breastfeed
  6. Women’s various birth control methods
  7. Improving healthcare services for breast cancer patients
  8. Premature birth and infant mortality in African American women
  9. Pregnant women’s nutritional recommendations
  10. How women of different socioeconomic statuses approach working after childbirth
  11. How to handle pelvic floor problems
  12. Nurses’ role in preventing and treating postpartum depression in female patients
  13. Diabetes management during pregnancy
  14. Female genital mutilation and women’s health
  15. Codeine products used to treat breastfeeding women

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

Burnout is a concern in many industries, but it can be extremely deadly in a medical setting. Consider the following nursing capstone project ideas on nursing burnout when developing your capstone project:

  1. How to detect and prevent nurse burnout early
  2. The impacts of group therapy on nurse burnout
  3. Mindfulness and other techniques for avoiding burnout
  4. Methods for detecting and assessing nurse burnout
  5. A comprehensive examination of the causes of burnout in pediatric nurses
  6. The specifics of oncology nurses’ burnout syndrome
  7. Can burnout be predicted, and what are the indicators?
  8. Can workplace sabotage or bullying lead to nurse burnout?
  9. How different countries handle the problem of nurse burnout
  10. Management techniques for preventing and resolving nurse burnout
  11. Can medical schools help students avoid nursing burnout?