Writing a comparison and contrast essay

In this module we learned about comparing and contrasting subjects. We learned that you are looking at similarities and differences between them. Using what you have learned in this module write a compare and contrast essay on two subjects. Be sure to consider the rhetorical situation (review in textbook – check index if you cannot find it) as well as the steps for writing a comparison and contrast essay.
Pay close attention to your paragraph structure; remember, each paragraph is a complete thought.  Be sure that each paragraph compares AND contrasts both entities. Your essay should be between 1200-1500 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font size, APA style (go to owl.english.purdue.edu for APA help)

Please post your essay in a Microsoft Word document to the dropbox below.
Be sure to use the following label when you save it: Your last name, the first initial of your first name, then CC Draft (ex:  RobinDCCDRAFT.doc) 
REMEMBER, the first page of this draft should be your outline (words from the outline do not count toward the word total)