Scenario: Chester Dialogue Essay

write a few lines of dialogue based on this scenario. Chester is heading home after his first day at a new school when he realizes that he left his wallet in his locker. he needs money for a bus ride home. he sees his new classmates nearby.

Dialogue Essay Example 

Scenario: Chester Dialogue Essay

Chester: Oh no! My wallet!! I left it in my locker (he talks to himself). And now I cannot pay for my bus ride to my home. (sad face)

(Enters Loki, his classmate, with some other colleagues)

Loki: Yoh! Hello, why are you looking sad and have a long face?

Chester: Well, I forgot my wallet in the school locker. I live on the other side of the town, and now I can’t pay for my bus ride home.

Loki: Oh, I am sorry for the inconvenience

Chester: Is there any chance you can lend me $10? I promise to pay it back in school tomorrow.

Loki: Sure thing! You can give it back when you come tomorrow or have the money.

Chester: Wow, thanks, man. You got me out of a tight spot. Let me go so that I can catch the bus.

Loki: You are welcome, Buddy, be safe on your way home.

Chester: You too!