US economy and Impacts

First, watch the video “How US Consumers Help Prop Up the World Economy”. Please note that this video is from February 16, 2020, so immediately before the global pandemic became a significant influence on the global economy. (please copy/paste the link into your browser) For this assignment paper,

1. comment on what you learned from the video and

2. how would what you’ve learned change because of the pandemic and its impact on the US economy as well as the worldwide economy. 

3. How are/will business change in the US? Worldwide?

4. How will employment and wages change in the US? Worldwide?

5. What about the aging population in the US? Worldwide?

6. What do you think the creators of this video would say today? Requirements:

1. Be specific and use credible sources to back up your arguments/statements. 

2. Minimum word count: 600 words.