Modern Day Feudalism

Modern Day Feudalism:  As we have studied, feudalism was started to provide security and protection for the average person. Today there is a modern-day type of feudalism being practiced called cocooning. Cocooning is where people stay at home as much as possible–even for recreation. With cable or satellite t.v. with 100’s of channels and the internet with movies and shows that can be watched on-demand, make entertainment convenient. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram let you interact with people. Amazon and other websites let you do your shopping from home as well. Numerous restaurants make home deliveries. The train of thought is that cocooning is both safer and cheaper than going out. My two-fold question this week is:

1. Did you cocoon prior to the Covid-19 social distancing/quarantine and if so to what degree?

2. Do you see any negative effects of cocooning? Get Nursing assignment help.