Role Human Capital Services serves within NBPS

Please share with us what you believe the role Human Capital Services serves within NBPS? (New Bedford Public Schools)
Short Essay Writing: Limit 600 characters, including spaces.

To assure the smooth efficient operation of the office of Instruction so as to maximize a positive impact on the education of students. To contribute to effective school public relations by prompt and courteous handling of all inquiries and visitors. To complete the detailed and written work and to coordinate other matters essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the office of Instruction.

Role Human Capital Services serves: Performance Responsibilities

1. Performs any and all administrative tasks as directed by the Deputy Superintendent and/or Office of Instruction Administrator
2. Maintains appropriate levels of confidentiality related to work and information handled by the Office of Instruction and/or Deputy Superintendent
3. Welcomes visitors and arranges for their comfort and screens unexpected callers in accordance with a predetermined policy
4. Handles calendar management and overall logistics for meetings and conferences
5. Provides assistance to the Superintendent and Sr. Executive Assistant in all matters of official correspondence and in the generation of any related periodic reports
6. Assists in the organization and preparation of l information pertinent to the department and the District
7. Prepares confidential correspondence and documents
8. Any other related duties as required by the Deputy Superintendent or Office of Instruction Administrator with excellent attention to detail