Rokeach Values Survey

Utilize the “Rokeach Values Survey” to help you determine your values hierarchy, which will assist you in the development of your personal model of leadership. Note that when the instructions mention a box, it is referring to the space/line beside a value. After ranking the values according to the instructions, identify your top three terminal values and your top three instrumental values

A Comfortable Life _____a prosperous lifeEquality _____brotherhood and equal opportunity for allAn Exciting Life _____a stimulating, active lifeFamily Security ____taking care of loved onesFreedom _____independence and free choiceHealth _____physical and mental well-beingInner Harmony _____freedom from inner conflictMature Love _____sexual and spiritual intimacyNational Security _____ Terminal Valuesprotection from attackPleasure _____an enjoyable, leisurely lifeSalvation _____saved; eternal lifeSelf-Respect _____self-esteemA Sense of Accomplishment _____alasting contributionSocial

Recognition _____respect and admirationTrue Friendship _____close companionshipWisdom _____a mature understanding of lifeA World at Peace _____a world free of war and conflictA World of Beauty _____beauty of nature and the artsPage 3Ambitious _____hardworking and aspiringBroad-minded _____open-mindedCapable _____competent; effectiveClean _____neat and tidyCourageous _____standing up for your beliefsForgiving _____willing to pardon othersHelpful _____working for the welfare of othersHonest _____sincere and truthfulImaginative _____

Instrumental Valuesdaring and creativeIndependent _____self-reliant; self-sufficientIntellectual _____intelligent and reflectivLogical _____consistent; rationalLoving _____affectionate and tenderLoyal _____faithful to friends or the groupObedient _____dutiful; respectfulPolite _____courteous and well-mannereResponsible _____dependable and reliableSelf-controlled _____restrained; self-disciplined. Get Essay writing help.