Risk Mitigation Discussion

Risk Mitigation Discussion: Mitigating Risks There are multiple ways to bring threats and vulnerabilities to light. Common practices and lessons learned can help us explore for known or common threats.

Write a 3–4 page paper in which you: Explain the differences in threat, vulnerability, and exploit assessments for information systems and define at least two tools or methods to perform each type.

Describe at least two tools or methods used to implement both physical and logical security controls (four in total), then identify the type of security personnel that would be used to implement each and discuss their roles and responsibilities.

Describe three considerations when translating a risk assessment into a risk mitigation plan; and discuss the differences between a risk mitigation plan and a contingency plan. 

Explain the two primary goals to achieve when implementing a risk mitigation plan and discuss at least methods of mitigation for common information system risks. Use at least two quality resources in this assignment.

Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources. The Strayer University Library is a good source for resources. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Examine the placement of security personnel and their functions in an organization. Get Essay writing help.