Refund Policy

We understand that you at times you may not be completely satisfied with our service. Our refund policy ensures that your desires will be fulfilled. When clients complain, it is our responsibility to take action. If you are double charged on one transaction, we will refund 100%.

Terms and conditions regarding our refund policy

Delivery after deadline

We are held fully responsible if we submit assignment after the deadline. Kindly note we cannot guarantee refund for any inconvenience caused by the inability to provide the required information. We will be fully responsible if the delay was due to our inconvenience


In a situation whereby you are unable to get a suitable expert to tackle the work, we will provide a15% to 50% refund. The refund will be issued after a thorough check into the situation.

Unsatisfied with the quality of work

We believe that a customer is always right. If you are dissatisfied with the delivered work, that means the quality was not met, a refund will be given. Client will receive a refund after the manager responsible for refund has completed I investigation. Plagiarism report will be MUST for refunds based on plagiarized work.

We cannot guarantee a refund if there is an active and open argument. Nevertheless, we gladly accept criticisms. The deadline for requesting a refund must be within 10 days of due date on order form. We value the feedback and suggestions of our clients. This information is crucial in improving our service.

Processing time for refunds

The manager responsible for refunds will process your request within 10 business working days. Successful refund process requires patience and cooperation from clients. The manager responsible for refunds will investigate client’s request to confirm its validity. Our clients are advised to bring any questions regarding assignment to us promptly.