Select two recent advertisements implemented by two different brands

The selected ads can be from TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, the internet, billboards, or elsewhere, or ad campaigns that have used multiple media and channels. Ad campaigns for social good, run by charity or an NGO or part of the public sector in general, are also great cases to analyze. Choose advertisements that are compelling to you. Ads that excite, enrage, or motivate you will be easier to analyze.

If the ads are in photo format, make sure you insert the images in the actual paper. For ads that can be seen online, you will have to add the correct hyperlinks in your paper, so that the reader can follow the link and see the ads.

For this assignment, you are expected to do thorough background research to identify information about the two ad campaigns, as well as identify additional bibliographical sources to support the arguments in your essay.

⎯ You will have to use at least 6 reliable bibliographical sources. Paraphrase, cite or quote using the APA referencing and citation system correctly.

⎯ Preferred font is Times New Roman, 12, line spacing at 1.15.
⎯ Your essay should have a Cover Page (with course number and name, author name and
ID, Deree logo, date and title of paper in the Centre of the page)
Table of Contents should be presented in a separate page.
⎯ The submitted document must be properly labelled such as SurnameName_Ads Analysis