Principal changes in American Families

Write my Discussion post for me:

1 The link below is the book needed to answer the questions:

• What have been the principal changes in American families since the 1960s or so (pages 181-183)?

• What are the components of the family’s influence on delinquency (pages 183-194)?

• Which juveniles tend to be the victims of abuse, and who tend to be the perpetrators of abuse? What are the causes of abuse (pages 195-197)?

• What are patterns in the relationships of abuse and neglect to delinquency (pages 203-205)? Minimum: 250 words of text; no maximum.Discussion post: 2

• What is the relationship of peers to delinquency (pages 210-212)?

• What are youth gangs? Why have gangs become more numerous since the late 1960s/early 1970s (pages 213-214)?

• What are the types of gangs? How cohesive do they tend to be? Why are gang members aging? What are the gender patterns of gangs (pages 218-222)?

• What are the patterns of gang crime and gang violence(pages 226-227)?

• What are the insights of the “life course view” on gangs (pages 229-230)?

• Why is gang control difficult (page 233)?Minimum: 250 words essay of text; no maximum.