PowerPoint slideshow explaining what the data breach means to Equifax’s customers

With the recent events of Capital One and Equifax there are many security firms that are guessing at how a cybercriminal could gain access to this sensitive data.  We will take a look at one possible scenario that could have been an attack vector.

    Cross-site scripting is one type of attack that could have been used to gain access to the Equifax data.  For this assignment, think of yourselves as a Security Analyst for a Cyber Security organization.  Create a PowerPoint slideshow explaining what the data breach means to Equifax’s customers, define the different types of Cross-site Scripting, how this type of attack can be used to gain access to the Equifax’s sensitive data (give specific examples), and how could it have been prevented.  Minimum required slide count is 10 (not including references).

Begin by researching the Equifax data breach and then research Cross-site Scripting.  Try to understand the code behind the attack.  Submissions that simply define the terminology and have no meaningful content will not be accepted.  If there are any questions please send me an email earlier to ensure assignment completion

    I suggest using a trusted source because certain websites you might use for research on the internet may be harmful.  When researching types of attacks you may want to use the trusted organizations (US-CERT, SANS, etc.)

References should be included for internal and external resources. Standard use of APA format is required with website URL included.