positive impact of rap music on African American adolescents

Write about the positive impact of rap music on African American adolescents’ identity development. there should be a thesis that encompasses the connection between the two ideas.

Intro (1/2 a page), About Area A (1 page), About Area B (1 page), About the (neg or pos) impact of Area A on Area B (3 to 4 pages), Conclusions (1/2 a page).

In your paper, you will support your ideas with published research to define, explain, and discuss the one area of development, and the one area of adolescents’ lives. You will support the connection between these two areas by citing relevant scholarly research studies that you find.
Many of your references should directly support your thesis.  If you can’t find studies that support your thesis, please adjust or change your thesis.
You should also include some references that support each of your two variables separately.
You need at least 10 scholarly sources.
No more than 4 of the 10 may be from class readings. You do NOT need to use any form of class at all. That’s up to you.
At least 5 of your scholarly sources must be from within the past 5 years.
“Scholarly sources” means Scholarly journal articles, academic book chapters, or dissertations.  Not websites. If you would like more than 10 scholarly sources, that’s fine; you may have as many as you’d like.
Most of what you will cite will be scholarly journal articles, primarily “peer-reviewed” journal articles.

You may use scholarly book chapters, but please be sure it is not a book for the general public, and it is, in fact, a scholarly book. To be scholarly, a book would need to be published by a university press or similar academic publisher. The author would need to have credentials such as a Ph.D. in their field. And, most importantly, each chapter needs to have citations in APA style within the text, or many footnotes as citations, as well as a reference list or footnotes or a bibliography that lists every one of the references cited.

You do not need any “non-scholarly” sources, but if you want them, then *in addition to the 10 scholarly sources that are required*, you may add “non-scholarly” sources. “Non-scholarly” means newspapers, popular books, non-academic books, magazines, movies, television, music, and the Internet, including ALL webpages.

Information cited from a website is non-scholarly and does not count toward your 10 required sources. Do not cite our class lecture notes!  Poor citations lower the quality of your paper and your grade.

Your in-text citations must be in APA format, and your reference list must be in APA format.
The only aspect of your paper that should be in APA format is the citations and references.
Nothing else should be in APA format.  NO abstract. No APA-style running heads. Nothing else as per APA, except for the style you use for your in-text citations and references.