Political Cartoon Analysis

Political Cartoon Analysis: Research First…Read about immigration at the turn of the century by clicking on the following links. Destination America Map: Principal European Origins of Immigration Chart of Major Sources of U.S. Immigrants since 1921 Next…View the two political cartoons by Thomas Nast. Pacific Chivalry, August 1869 The Chinese Question, February 1871 Write Based on your readings and your analysis of each cartoon, write one paragraph to answer the following questions about one of the cartoons. Describe the actions of the Americans toward the Chinese Immigrants.

What actions do you see depicted in the cartoon?

What factors could have accounted for the actions of these Americans, as portrayed by Nast?

based on the reading you’ve completed, write one additional paragraph that compares the treatment of Chinese immigrants to other immigrant groups.

Explain at least two reasons the Chinese were targeted by specific federal action (the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882) when other nationalities were not. Get Coursework help.