Obstetric Emergencies and researching the effectiveness

This is for my capstone proposal.. Please feel free to tweak the title topic to meet the criteria needed.. trying to survey the readiness of the obstetric team in obstetric emergencies and researching the effectiveness of them
Using the link as guidance https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3140151/

Instructions from the professor are as follows.
After careful thought and reflection, please submit 3 specific proposed topic ideas to this DropBox (within the same Word document).  Be as SPECIFIC as possible when you describe each of your three potential project ideas.  Use the directions in the Syllabus and the link with information on formulating a research question.  Clearly and concisely summarize each part the information required below:

For each of your 3 project ideas, carefully propose the following information – using the numerical subheadings for clarity:

1.  What is your specific research question? (read the link above before responding)!

2.  Provide a brief summary of exactly what you propose that your research project will entail, step-by-step, including how original data will be collected within this semester;

3.  A specific description of how YOUR project will be DIFFERENT from any existing research on the subject (i.e.:  what NEW information will you add to the existing knowledge base on this topic?  How is your project different from existing published studies);

4.  A specific description of how you will collect data/articles on the topic during the course (most students choose to use a simple survey design involving asking a group of about 20-250 subjects to fill out an online survey).  HOW will you find articles?  Or, WHAT KIND of participants will you survey (Ex:  nurses only, radiographers only, patients only, caregivers only, surgical technologists only, etc).  WHERE will this data be collected?  Do you have access to these participants – and HOW will you access them (please note that PCT faculty/staff/students may not be used as survey participants)?

Each of these items must be clearly addressed when you propose your 3 topic ideas.  If they are not, or if a portion of the information is missing, your file will be returned to you without approval.