OB Faith Integration

OB Faith Integration: The Bible is filled with much insight into the various ancient cultures which have relevance for us today. For example, history, morals, values, role modeling, physical artifacts, behavior, etc. are all on display in Scripture, and help us see culture embedded in Israel in the Old Testament, and in the Church in the New Testament.

Review these passages from the Book of Acts: chapters 2:42-48, 4:32-37, 6:1-7, 12:1-19. These are various vignettes which give us insight into the actions and attitudes of the very early church, the one being built by Jesus’ disciples. We can learn a lot about their culture from these passages by observing their interactions. Imagine these were the only pieces of information you had about this early church. How would you describe its culture? What were some of the assumptions, values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, etc. that make up their culture?

To make it more interesting: Imagine you are a reporter for your favorite news outlet, and you heard about this new movement called “The Way” happening in 2020. Write a brief (300-400 word) journalism style article to inform your readers what their culture is like. Give us a pithy “first hand account” of this movement for your readers. Conclude your brief article with a “what can we learn from this culture that will help us as managers” summary at the end, several key takeaways for your readers.

Be creative, have fun, and be sure to include some references to what we know about org. culture from your reading and video lecture. Textbook: (Ch. 16 & 17) Helm-Stevens, R., Kipley, D., (2018). Organizational behavior theory for high performance management. Cognella, Inc . ISBN: 978-1-5165-0794-8. Get Essay Writing help.