Navigating French Caribbean (Literature of Caribbean)

Write a post answering the questions at the end of the lecture.

Include five of the new terms presented in the lecture in the post on a Brief History of Haiti. In your post, you will offer a meaningful contribution to the ideas presented in the lecture on Haiti, French Caribbean Literature, the history of Haiti and the history of French Caribbean Literature.

Remember, this is a post to demonstrate your ability to think critically. You have to refrain from: making personal / emotional reflections here.

Here are some questions to consider in your post:

1. Does the brief history of Haiti remind you of the reading from week 2, and the characteristics of the Caribbean discussed in the introduction to the Caribbean. Explain.

2. What are some themes in Aimé Césaire’s literature (is it poetry or prose or both?), and how do the themes relate to what you learned about the brief history of Haiti?

3. Compare and contrast what has already been taught about internal colonization, and what you just learned about the Antillean psyche. You can bring up examples from Reyita, and compare them to the definitions of the Antillean psyche.

4. Based on what was presented about the Antillean psyche, can you anticipate what Edwidge Danticat’s literature will showcase? Will you find “savage aspects” of the Haitians, or will you find out “how educated and human and evolved” Haitians are?

5. For your post, follow the instructions in the participation rubric (below).

At the end of your post, include a question to classmates. Get essay writing help