Nature versus Nature in Gender

Nature versus Nature in Gender: In the context of the “nature versus nurture” (biology or culture) debate on gender in chapter 10? How do you explain the case of Julia in the video of “Child Gender Identity” ? Is it nature or it is nurture? Why?

What would you do if you were the mother or father of that child? What if your child is a boy wanting to be a girl? would you take the same approach as a girl wanting to be a boy? Why yes or why not? Post minimum one question related to readings? Also add these two citation while answering the questions.

1. “you inherit your sex. but learn your gender as you learn the behaviors and attitudes your culture asserts are appropriate for your sex.” (Henslin 306)

2. “gender is a device by which society controls its members.” (Henslin 306)

3. “Gender, in contrast, is a social,not a biological characteristic.” (Henslin 306) Get Case study help.