Mitt Romney Speech Analysis Essay

Mitt Romney Speech Analysis Essay: In 2 pages, analyze Mitt Romney’s speech on Donald Trump. Be sure to incorporate how Romney integrates the general rules of argumentation and the elements of good reasoning (use the study guide as a reference). Also, note the structure of his argument and his use of evidence and examples. Is his argument compelling or not? Why?

SAMPLE Mitt Romney Speech Analysis Essay

Mitt Romney’s speech on Trump

The speech given by Mitt Romney about President Donald Trump before his nomination as a presidential candidate for the Republicans was nothing less than compelling. The poise and calm way that he presented his speech with legitimate facts about Trump and why he believed that Trump was not a worthy candidate for the Republican ticket made the presentation a success. He integrated into his speech different styles of presentation by engaging the crowd, using dramatic pauses, using humor, and quoting facts about Donald Trump. This paper aims to argue the presentation of the speech by Mitt Romney critically.

Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential candidate, presented a speech about the disqualifications of Donald Trump and why he believed that electing Trump as a presidential candidate under the Republican ticket would not be wise (Romney, 2016). The address started with Mitt Romney thanking the hosts, the Governor, and Lieutenant Governor, by acknowledging their presence. With this, he not only respectfully recognized the existence of notable names in the crowd, but he also captures the attention of the crowd who immediately applauded. The first step of delivering an impactful argument or speech is to capture the attention of the listeners, which he did perfectly.

Another rule of argumentation is always stating the premises of the argument as early as possible. Beating around the bush is shunned when delivering a speech. Mitt Romney immediately after calming the audience went straight to the point by saying that he was not there to announce his candidacy nor endorse a presidential candidate. Instead, he was there to give his views on the process of nomination of his Republican party. The aim of his speech was clear to all. Being straight to the point is necessary to make a statement impactful and presentation of arguments easy.

He also quoted relevant information or sayings that would help him in delivering his speech at the very start. He quoted President Reagan’s speech on national television in which the president stated that there were two paths for America; one which was conservative and dedicated to improving the living standards of people by giving equal opportunity to all, and the other a problematic way that would lead America into turmoil (Romney, 2016). He continued by stating how America, being as mighty with immense resources and talent, was the envy of many. However, he believed that over the years, America’s position as a world leader had faced opposition from many countries and internal troubles like poverty and stagnating wages, which were direct threats to the nation (Romney, 2016). All this was said to pull in the audience before delivering his perspective. He continued to state that the state of America was dependent on the choices that they as Americans had to make. With wrong choices came troubles, and tight decisions would bring prosperity.

At this moment, he had gained attention and momentum for the speech. So what next? He finally dropped the Donald Trump card. Mitt Romney gave elaborate reasons based on Trump’s statements, and manifesto as to why choosing him would not be an excellent choice for America if the country wanted prosperity. He stated that Trump, whom he termed as not being a great businessman as he acclaimed, would cause a recession in the economy (“Transcript of Mitt Romney’s Speech on Donald Trump,” 2016). He gave examples of Trump’s ventures that were not doing so well and rhetorically asked if that was the person the people wanted to control state affairs. The concise manner that he used to prove Trump’s inefficiency received applause from the crowd. With this, he integrated a general rule of giving factual and evidenced information.

Throughout the speech, he spoke about Trump’s foreign policies, which would create enmity with other states. He talked about how taxation policies of Trump that would cripple the economy, how his insults to Muslims would push them further and reduce help in fighting terrorism, and the temperamental nature of Trump, which leads him to make inconsiderate utterances (“Transcript of Mitt Romney’s Speech on Donald Trump,” 2016). All his arguments had facts from publications and speeches made by Trump. He was very respectful and chose his words carefully to avoid using insults. I believe the address given by Mitt Romney about Trump’s incompetence was compelling since it had supporting shreds of evidence to support his allegations, and its presentation was applaudable.


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