Microbiology Unknown Organism Assignment

Microbiology Unknown Organism Assignment Unknown Organism: Salmonella typhimurium.   Must be APA format, more than one paragraph, references cited. Describe one disease or condition, human or veterinary, that the identified organism is a pathogen for. If the organism is non-pathogenic, describe in full one use of it as a tool in biotechnology. (Infection does not count; you must be more specific).

Your answer to this question should be in complete sentences and more than one paragraph, references should be provided. The research for this section should be complete and detailed. All sources must be cited using APA format. 

Disease or condition: Full name of the disease, mechanism of the disease (what does this organism do that causes a disease state in the host), toxins, or cell damage description. Treatment of the disease is both supportive and pharmaceutical. Include the prevalence of the disease in the United States and any programs or research that may be ongoing for the disease.

Biotechnology Use: What field of biotechnology is the organism being used in. List the use, what it is being used to produce and what the purpose and function of that biotech product are. Describe if it is used for industrial or pharmaceutical purposes.

List the company currently using the organism and of the product is already on the market or still in research. Get Thesis Writing help.