MGT 355- Final Self-Evaluation Memo

MGT 355: Final Self-Evaluation Memo-Assignment Solution

Write a two full pages Self-Evaluation memo describing and evaluating the progress you have made in your writing, presentation, and teamwork skills in MGT 355 during the semester. In preparation for writing the memo, review your baseline self-assessment, your other written assignments, and your group presentations.

Your memo should provide a balanced and concrete evaluation that includes (but is not necessarily limited to) the following:

Your improvements over the semester

• Your current strengths and weaknesses

• Some ways in which you can continue to improve your communication skills

Support your observations with specific details and examples.


Strategy (15 points): Have you organized the memo according to the readers’ interests and needs?

Content (25 points): Does the introduction provide an overview for the rest of the memo? Is there enough evidence drawn from your experiences in MGT 355 to justify the comments you have made? Have you included feedback from others as part of your analysis? Does the conclusion wrap up the memo?

Style (5 points): Are paragraphs coherent and sentences concise?

Mechanics (5 points): Is the memo free from spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes?

Format and design (5 points): Have you used the correct format? Do formatting devices make the memo easy for the audience to read?