Family Medical Leave Act labor management law

Family Medical Leave Act labor-management law

Research Paper Guidelines: This research paper is your opportunity to further explore a topic

relating to Labor-Management Relations. A list of topics to choose from and a structure is

provided for you to follow in this syllabus. Not choosing a topic from the list and following the

structure provided will result in lost points, up to half of the total possible points. You will also

want to adhere to the following guidelines.

Cover page

You will have a cover page with the:

Title of your Paper

Your Name

Course Title and BADM number


In this syllabus, specific headings are provided for you to use. Not using the provided headings

will result in lost points. Under each heading, you will write your response in paragraph format.

Your research for each of the heading prompts should be in well-developed paragraph format.

Each of the sections will require at least one paragraph, and in many instances, multiple


In-text citations

In-text citations are required for this paper. In-text citations give credit to the original source of

the material that you are using in your paper. Missing in-text citations in the paper will result in

lost points up to one-half of the total amount of possible points. If it is not your original thought

or research, you need to provide a reference.

Reference page

A reference page of the sources that you used for your research is required. The minimum number

of references is provided in this syllabus. Each reference used in the paper should be

represented on your reference page, as well as each reference on the reference page is

presented in the text of the paper. If you did not use the reference and did not cite it in the text

of your paper, you cannot list it on your reference page.

General research paper writing

You should be familiar with how to reference research using either MLA or APA style. Please be

sure to choose either style and be consistent throughout the paper and reference page. If you

need a reminder, you can refer back to your English composition course or you can refer to This is an excellent resource for how to reference using either MLA or APA

reference styles.

Often times students like to include their personal experiences and opinions. This can add

some of your personality to the paper. If you choose to share either your experience or opinion,

make it brief (1 or 2 sentences). It also needs to connect to some specific research in your

paper. This is not an opinion or personal reflection paper. You need to base your experience or

opinion on referenced research.

Research Topics:

This is your opportunity to conduct further research on Labor-Management Law. Please

choose one of the following laws and conduct further research using at least 3 references.

FMLA (Family Medical Leave)

ADA (American Disability Act)

ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)

WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act)

Structure of your Report:

Paragraph #1

Introduction (heading)

Write a brief paragraph presenting the labor law you chose to research and why.

Section #2 (2 – 3 paragraphs)

History (heading)

When was the law first enacted and how has it changed since then?

Section #3 (2 – 3 paragraphs)

Impact on Labor-Management Relations (heading)

How does this law impact Management?

How does this law impact labor?

Conclusion (1 paragraph) (heading)

Conclude your research. You can use your personal opinion. Be sure to limit it and justify

your opinion with research.

Reference Page (heading and on a separate page)

Reference Page – 3 sources at least one from the internet and a periodical.