Legislation on Policies that Support Families

Legislation on Policies that Support Families: do some research on current legislation on policies that support families either local or that are being debated at the federal level. Read up on one of the bills that is being debated, draft a letter in support of (or against if you chose) the legislation using your argument.

Remember to argue with fact and not opinion, and be respectful. In state of california Who benefits from this legislation?

How will children benefit from the proposed legislation?

How might a person’s race, class or gender impact inequalities in this policy in this country (ie, in the USA FLMA is unpaid unless a person has accrued vacation or sick time to use. This creates a disadvantage for the working poor that often don’t get benefits and can’t afford to take unpaid leave).

Are people with relatively little power(people of color and immigrant, race and gender) being considered? Please draft this INTO letter. TO DEAR CONGRESSMAN Also attach the link to the bill for me to excess should be of california. THANK YOU. Get Thesis Writing help.