Land Value Capture

Land value Capture:   1. What is Land value capture? (1/2-1 page) ·  It is not a new concept o   Canadian Pacific Railway was partly financed by giving rights for a 48-mile wide corridor along the route to the promoters of the highway (Metrolinx source) -Using Land Value Capture to Fund Transportation investments

·  when people perceive value, they are willing to pay for it

·  part of the problem is that the current system is unable to easily release and subsequently capture this added value  

2. Emerging Tools – Strategies – Explain what they are and how they can be used to fund transportation projects (2-3 pages)   -Taxes -Fees -Land Value enhancement -Profit sharing linked with the project -Regulatory Instruments   – Special Assessment Districts – Section 37 (Ontario Planning Act)  

3. Case Study  – How were the above strategies used in these 2 projects (3-4 pages)   i) Metro Vancouver ii) Metrolinx – Toronto Get Case Study Help.