Discussing the impact of Roy adaptation model paper

Instructions for RAM Group Project:

Review APA format and submit the final project.
Each person should read the assigned article and answer the following questions related to critiquing a research study.

RAM Paper:
As part of the course, students must analyze a pre-selected article with respect to Roy Adaptation Model (RAM) and write a paper discussing the impact of RAM on care. The following matters must be presented/discussed in the paper:
• The author(s) of the article (if not Roy)
• Who the article was about (population)
• How RAM was utilized in the nursing care plan (intervention)
• The outcome or results noted in the article
• The benefits or problems related to using RAM
• Recommendations for further study (what gap was uncovered and needs further investigation, from the article)
• Summation
The paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing, and a 12 point Times Roman font and be between two and three pages in length.