Impact of Covid-19 on the Economic Suffering

Impact of Covid-19 on the Economic Suffering-A Multidimensional Study on the Economic Growth, Poverty, and Inequality in the Developing Countries

China, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, and Nigeria

Review/edit and finish Chapter 1 has been started (dissertation intro attachment 7 pages) and COMPLETE chapter 2.

Chapter 1 is attached as well as a template.

Chapter 1: Introduction 1
Background of the Problem 1
Problem Statement 1
Purpose of Study 2
Nature of Study 3
Research Questions 3
Interview Questions (Qualitative Only) 4
Hypotheses (Quantitative/ Mixed Methods Only) 4
Significance of Study 5
Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework 6
Assumptions, Limitations, and Delimitations 7
Definition of Terms 8
Conclusion 8
Chapter 2: Literature Review 10
Historical Development of the Topic 10
Contemporary Perspectives 11
Historical Development of the Theoretical or Conceptual Framework 12
Importance of the Study and Implication for Practice 13
Summary 13