Reflective Journal on Accomodation

Reflective Journal on Accommodation: For this journal submission, imagine you are the director of a community preschool program. A parent of a four-year-old child with autism has decided to enroll his son in your program. His son, Benny, has participated in an intensive in-home program provided by the school district. He has not participated in a group program before.

A team of specialists is involved in his program, including a shadow paraprofessional who will be accompanying Benny to your school, a speech therapist, and the Early Intervention Program Director, who is an early childhood educator and behavior analyst. She is available for consultation and training. One of your teachers is resistant to the idea of having this child in her room.

Write a detailed plan, including answers to the following questions, regarding how you will ensure a smooth transition to your program.

  • What questions/information will you get from the parent and team?
  • What would you like the enrollment process to look like?
  • What will you do to prepare your staff?
  • How will you work with the resistant staff member?

Finally, what Federal legislation do you have to keep in mind when writing this plan? 2-3 pages in length Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins APA Format. Get Coursework help.