Identify a place that is special to you(Hanauma Bay (STEM))

Connecting Local to Global

a. Identify a place that is special to you(Hanauma Bay (STEM). What makes it special and important to you? How did this place inspire you as a learner?
I.e., historic stories that link the place to your roots and culture as a Pacific Islander.

b. Identify significance and resource(s) that exist in this place. For example, flora & fauna, animals, etc. What is a place-based problem in this place and how do you plan to resolve, improve, develop or maintain this problem/issue? How are you going to make this place better or bring awareness to support the values unique to this place?

c. How can you bring this place and incorporate it into learning and STEM instruction to your classroom (as a teacher). Why is it important to learn about this place?

3 pages not including the reference page.

Special Place: Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve

Some resources to use, but not limited to these:

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