Idea Paper for Roofing Company

One of the most important aspects of research is defining the question.  By this time you know you will be completing a research project. This is the point where you get to try out some ideas.  This relates to CLO 5.

The purpose of the Idea Paper is to get you started thinking about possibilities for your research paper. I look forward to the  opportunity to hearing your ideas and helping you hone them.

Core Learning Outcomes
The student will identify and state the correct problem/question, define the appropriate the unit of analysis, and determine relevant variables.
The student will identify and summarize relevant data/literature in a literature review.
Write a 3 page paper presenting 2 ideas for research. Include why you are interested, what you know about the topic.  Summarize information from one article for each idea using APA reference style.  Identify variables and methods of gathering data. Finally, include how you think you might go about gathering data to answer your question.  In my response, I will help you define your ideas and suggest which might be the better to pursue.