How does language shape individuals understand themselves

Essay on how language shape individuals #1 Assignment: Language Name: Essay 1 at a Glance For this assignment, you will select one text from this unit to develop your ideas through an essay.

This essay should include introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Length: 5 typed pages Texts for Essay 1 (Choose one of the two texts).Anzaldua, Gloria. “How to Tame a Wild Tongue.” Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue” Essay 1 Prompt: How does language shape (define, limit, and/or broaden) how individuals understand themselves and/or how individuals are understood by others? Organization tips and format:

• Be sure to use MLA format throughout and to create a unique title for your essay.

• Organize your thoughts before you write. Stay on topic and focus your analysis on the text and proving your thesis.

• Focus on examining how a text from this unit would help prove a thesis that answers this prompt. Remember to stay away from personal experience and first-person pronouns.

• Include quotes from the selected text. Make sure quotes help explain your thesis. Use a quote sandwich when integrating a quote into your body paragraph.

• Be sure to budget your time wisely.

• You can do it!! General Guidelines: Introduction:

• Introduce your topic by using a “hook”.

• Introduce the author and title of work you will be examining.

• Provide a very brief (1-2 sentence) summary of the work you will examine as it relates to your essay topic.

• Offer an explicit and concise thesis statement on your essay topic that answers the prompt (last sentence of your introduction).Body Paragraph:

• Always begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that will lead to the support and development of your thesis. Never begin a body paragraph with a quote, a question, or something that is not your own main idea.

• Explain/ analyze the idea in your topic sentence.

• Provide author, title, and context before presenting a quote.

• For each quote, cite it with a page number in parenthesis.

• Follow each quote with an analysis of how it helps answer the prompt and support the thesis.

• End each body paragraph with a concluding sentence.


• Must be a fully developed paragraph.

• Reinforce your essay’s thesis

• Review your own main ideas and source’s main ideas as expressed in the body

• Provide a lasting thought or new insight on your topic