HCS2CSL:Describe the main environmental factors that impact language variation.

 HCS2CSL Written Assignment Word Count: 1500 words (+/- 10%)  This assignment is worth 25% of HCS2CSL Instructions: This written assignment gives you the opportunity to develop your written communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of environmental, personal or demographic factors in communication development, or your profession within the broader Australian context. A trigger reference is listed to help you get started. This reference is from the week 1 or 2 reading list or online activities. It will help you better understand your topic. You need to select 1 (one) topic from the list of 5 essay topics below.

Essay Topics 1.

Describe the main environmental factors that impact language variation. Discuss how language attitudes may further influence this variation. Trigger Reference: Easton C, McCormack J. Sociocultural environments of Speech, Language and Literacy. In: McLeod S, McCormack J, eds.

An Introduction to Speech, Language and Literacy eBook: Oxford Ascend Interactive Resource. Melbourne: Oxford University Press https://ebookcentral-proquestcom.ez.library.latrobe.edu.au/lib/latrobe/detail.action?docID=5524383. 2. Describe the key concepts of the ICF in the WHO “model of disability”, (p.9).

Discuss the difference between personal and environmental factors in relation to communication. Trigger Reference: ‘ICF Beginner’s Guide’ https://www.who.int/classifications/icf/training/icfbeginnersguide.pdf 3. The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children has documented the language use of Indigenous children who live in Australia.

Describe the number and type of languages that Indigenous children are exposed to in their first year of life. Then discuss the factors that influence the maintenance or loss of Indigenous language/s as these children grow. Trigger: Footprints in Time: The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children https://www.dss.gov.au/national-centre-for-longitudinal-data/footprints-in-time-the-longitudinalstudy-of-indigenous-children-lsic/key-summary-report-from-wave-1-2009?HTML#1a (pp22-30 in pdf version) 4.

Describe the history of traditional Indigenous Health Services and systems. Discuss factors that have lead to, and continue to impact contemporary Aboriginal-controlled health services (ACCHs) . Trigger Reference: Binda Reid J, Taylor K, Hayes C. Indigenous health systems and services. In: Willis E, Reynolds L, Keleher H, eds. Understanding the Australian Health Care System. Third ed: Elsevier; 2016:153-167. https://www-elsevier-elibrary-com.ez.library.latrobe.edu.au/pdfreader/understandingaustralian-health-care-system85481/?pno=1 5. OR come up with your own topic and email it to Subject Coordinator Dr Kate Bridgman for approval (prior to doing any work!). Please include the ‘trigger’ reading from week 1 or 2 with your proposal