Flower Morphology and Reproduction

Flower Morphology and Reproduction: Overview The objectives of this lab are to show you how much can be learned by “disassembling” a plant. The lab will give you an opportunity to learn about the structure of different flowers, how plants reproduce, and how different flowering plants have evolved different adaptations to attract pollinators. To achieve these objectives, this lab consists of two primary activities:

Activity 1: Flower dissection: You will dissect at least four flowers. You will document the different structures of each flower as well as compare these structures across your flowers. Activity 1 will introduce you to the major structures of a flower as well as illustrate how these structures vary across species.

Activity 2: Flower dissection: You will use the data collected from Activity 1 to determine how each flower is pollinated. Activity 2 will introduce you to the role of floral morphology in the process of pollination. You will explore how different flower structures have evolved. Get Essay Writing Help.