Exploring SPSS and Descriptive Statistics

Exploring SPSS and Descriptive Statistics. Your first IBM SPSS assignment includes two sections in which you will do the following:
•    Create two histograms.
•    Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion.
This will give you some experience with the data set.
Key Details and Instructions
•    Submit your assignment as a Word document.
•    Refer to the IBM SPSS Step-by-Step Guide: Histograms and Descriptive Statistics [DOC] and to the Copy/Export Output Instructions [HTML] for additional help in completing this assignment.
•    As you work on this assignment, you may find the Data Set Instructions [DOC] helpful.
•    Provide a title for your document and your name.
The grades.sav file is a sample SPSS data set. The data represent a teacher’s recording of student demographics and performance on quizzes and a final exam. This week, you will create and describe two histograms and a descriptive table using these data.

We use statistics all the time to drive decisions, evaluate outcomes, and determine where to invest.
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•    What about this week’s content is relevant to your own professional or academic career?