Explain the term supply chain Management

(a) ‘supply chain’ ‘demand chain ‘chain’. 6 marks

(b)  Explain the following terms:

(i) Explain the term supply chain Management    5 marks                        

Explain the why it has been argued that the term should be replaced with ‘, and equally the word should be replaced with ‘network’ Supply chain visibility 4 marks                                                                    

 (ii)Bullwhip effect        5 marks                                 

(a)  Explain the term purchasing 6 marks

(b) Explain two ways in which effective sourcing/purchasing can contribute to the overall profitability and prosperity of an organization 14 marks


(a)  What is meant by reverse Logistics?  5 marks                                                                      

(b)  It is argued that reverse logistics should be regarded as equally important as the forward logistics by organizations if they really want to be competitive. As a logistics officer in a manufacturing company, outline four reasons why there is the need to include reverse logistics in the supply chain design.  15 marks

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