Ethical Dilemma Interview

Ethical Dilemma Interview: interview one counselor within the field of mental health that has encountered an ethical dilemma or describe a dilemma they may experience as a counselor (based upon the professor’s discretion) and write an APA style paper presenting the following critical areas:

• summary of the ethical case/dilemma, including any “spin-off” problems related

• consult the ACA or ASCA codes of ethics and any additional organizations ethical codes as needed to identify which relevant codes are at play

• review and identify relevant legal statues pertinent to the case

• consult with an appropriate individual for advice on the dilemma

• review relevant professional journals (min. of 2)

• a self-exploration of the dilemma including how the student would handle the situation and why (giving specific data from ethical codes, statues, consultation, research, etc…) identify what personal values play a role in this situation. Get Essay writing help.