Construct a well-supported essay with a compelling thesis statement

Paper 1: Pandemics Yesterday and Today This paper is an opportunity for you to show you can pluck evidence from a secondary source, in this case, Keith Wrightson’s Ralph Tailor’s Summer, and use it to construct a well-supported essay with a compelling thesis statement and argument. A good paper will have a thesis statement that clearly lays out the argument made and gives a road map for the paper.

Each topic sentence should clearly state what that paragraph is about and how it connects to the argument of the paper. It should also have at least two pieces of evidence in each body paragraph. [The creative option will diverge slightly Learning Objectives Targeted:

• Learn to understand different cultures and how they are created

• Learn how to write papers that use historical evidence to make concise and complex arguments about the past Paper topic:

1. How was the experience of a pandemic in 1636 different from our experience today? What differences does this show between society then and society now?