Digital Media Analysis

Digital Media Analysis: In this assignment, you will choose three of the following questions. Provide your answers with question numbers (don’t let me guess which ones you are answering). You should make some references to the class materials and the concepts we have discussed in this class. The length is no more than three single-spaced pages plus a separate page of references. Cite your sources in APA styles. If you are a graduate student, you will work on this assignment instead.,  

Based on Michel Foucault’s chapter, how does the concept of Panopticism transform power and discipline in today’s digital society? Be sure to discuss how today’s panopticism operates, how it may affect our behaviors and private lives, and what might be at risk when Big Brother is watching us.  

When it comes to the issue of privacy and public safety, for example, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, to what extent should the government exert control over access to data on personal devices? How much control over our personal information should we have?   

What can happen when artificial intelligence can perfect itself? How can such perfection affect us and our purposes? Do you agree that the perfection of artificial intelligence will make humans jobless and make our lives meaningless? Why or why not?  

Define fake news, disinformation, and misinformation. Why is fake news on social media more harmful than that on any other platform? As a communication major/student, what suggestions do you have for the media industry to handle fake news? What might be the concerns in implementing regulations or lack thereof?    What does online dating offer us? How does it affect people’s behaviors and expectations? What might be the concerns that emerge from the proliferation of dating apps and algorithms?    Include your references on the last page or page 4. Get Case Study Help.