Compositional Qualities of Work

Compositional Qualities of Work: Looking at the image Barbershop by Jacob Lawrence. It is such a great piece to learn how to analyze or break down the visual components of the work. To formally analyze a work of art will help you appreciate the work at a deeper level. Getting some background information can help you gain more insight into the work but it is not necessary to do the analysis of the formal composition.

The first thing to do is take in the overall image and then, literally describe in detail to yourself what you see… What’s the subject matter? what colours do you see, how do you respond to the shapes or what elements are repeated, etc…The description will inform your process of analyzing the work.

There are four IMPORTANT types of lines that are present within this work. List what they are and give specific examples from the work for each type to support your answers. The artist depicted spatial depth using various techniques.

List three ways spatial depth is depicted and give a specific example from the artwork for each technique to support your answers. The texture is implied in the work.

Explain how the texture is implied by giving 2 specific examples from the work to clarify your answers.

What colour scheme do you see within the work?

Please give specific examples from the artwork to support your answers. The principle of contrast is present within the work. Please give specific examples from the artwork to show 2 different ways contrast is present and explain the impact.

What type of unity is present?

How it is created? What kind of balance does the work have and how is it created?

How is the main focal point created?

Are there other areas of emphasis? There are many patterns within the work due to the different elements that are repeated to create a specific pattern within the work?

What kind of rhythm is created from this? Get Coursework help.