Company Marketing Plan

Company Marketing Plan: MARKETING PLAN   Individual Term Paper – You will prepare a marketing plan for a new good or service that you have created.    The paper is due on Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 (the final week of class). The suggested outline for a marketing plan is below. 

The paper must be AT LEAST six (6) pages long, EXCLUDING THE COVER PAGE, TABLE OF CONTENT AND REFERENCE PAGE. It must be written in APA format.   PROJECT OUTLINE   I) COMPANY INFORMATION Company name; brief description of what company does and its main product(s); mission statement II) SITUATION ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats III) MARKETING STRATEGY Target market strategy – market segment, detailed description of the target market (Age Gender Location Income level Social class, Occupation Education etc. (specific to your industry)  Marketing Mix Strategy– Product, Price, Place, Promotion

A)   Product strategy – DETAILED description of the product (s)/service (s) to be provided. Describe the most important features and benefits. Product design. What is special about it? Describe the benefits. Your product’s competitive advantage.  Other information.  

B)   Pricing strategy and prices for your product (s) – How are you going to price the good/service? List of prices and why you choose those prices. High price or low price strategy. Discounts? How do your prices compare to your competitors? Other information.             

C)   Place/Distribution Strategy – where you will sell your product (online, in stores, through catalogs etc), Location of your business, Market coverage intensity, Channel structure. Other information.  

D)   Promotional strategy – Describe how you will promote the product/service, promotional mix (advertising, publicity, sales promotion, personal selling, social media) Other information. Get Case study help.