Communication Barriers


As a pharmacy technician, you will be faced with communication barriers. Communication barriers include environmental constraints of the facility, a diverse patient population (includes diversity of culture, religion, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, transgender, disability, and economic status), patients requiring special needs, non-English speaking patients and patients possessing physical impairments. For this discussion, you will be evaluating communication barriers and determining how communication barriers impact the pharmacy team.


Use listening skills effectively. (ASHP Objective 3.2)
Use effective strategies for communicating with patients who are non-English speakers or who have other special needs, such as vision or hearing problems, low reading level, difficulty understanding instructions. (ASHP Objective 3.3).
Apply stress management skills. (ASHP Objective 5.2)
Resolve conflicts effectively. (ASHP Objective 6.2)

Step 1: Respond to the following:

There are many communication barriers that exist in the practice of pharmacy regardless of the setting. Identify a barrier to effective communication in pharmacy and explain what steps you would take in overcoming this barrier.

All responses should be between 200-250 words Critical thinking essay.

Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students. Use any personal experience if appropriate to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, students should debate the issues and provide examples to support opinions.

*Be sure to cite any outside sources in APA format.