Child Sexual and Ritualistic Abuse

Child Sexual and Ritualistic Abuse Case study: In a cyber sting, police discovered child pornography on the computer of a local man. They were able to identify one of the child “actors” as a local girl, Jennifer, a 16-year-old who had been arrested numerous times for prostitution.

Upon investigation, they discovered that the girl’s mother knew both of her prostitution activities and her posing for the pornographic video. Furthermore, Jennifer indicated that she had engaged in this activity voluntarily and was happy with the income that it brought to her and her family. Her only alternative to this lifestyle, she indicated, was to join the Army, which she was willing to do, but her mother objected.

Since both Jennifer and her mother are willing participants, is the subject of the original cyber sting guilty of a crime? Why or why not? Is the mother guilty of a crime? Why or why not? Can Jennifer be prevented by her mother from joining the Army? Why or why not? Should she be?