Write a case study report for assigned case study

Paper instructions:

1. You will write a ‘case study report’ that analyses the assigned case study using appropriate concepts and theories from the course that are appropriate for the issue(s) identified in the case. You will need to plan, research, analyze, develop your writing, proofread and edit your report carefully, and submit your report on time.

2. please use case: Kim, J. & Barin Cruz, L. 2018. Beautiful Coffee and fair trade: Working with local farmer co-operatives in Nepal. International Journal of Case Studies in Management, 16(1).
Your report must analyze and make recommendations on the Beautiful Coffee (Kim & Barin, 2018) case study. Apply your ethical cultural and ethical decision-making knowledge to determine both the advantages and limitations of the fair trade business approach to development and poverty alleviation. Beyond this, make recommendations of how you would improve both the process and outcome of the fair trade business approach.

3. Case study report Reference requirements:

choose three reference below
You must source and demonstrate the use of a minimum of three (3) additional academic articles in addition to the weekly extension readings and background conceptual readings for this assignment.

Three academic articles must be sourced from the following list of journals:

  1. Academy of Management Journal
  2. Academy of Management Learning and Education Academy of Management Perspectives
  3. Academy of Management Review
  4. Business Communication Quarterly
  5. Business Horizons
  6. Cross Cultural Management
  7. Employee Relations
  8. Group & Organization
  9. Management Journal of Business Communication Journal of
    Management Education
  10. Journal of Management Information Systems Organization Science
  11. Organizational Dynamics

4. pls follow rubric.5, cover page and Reference page not including page