Cardiac Pharmacology Review

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1. The use of Parasympatholytics versus Sympatholytics medications

2.  The use of Epinephrine in the ICU and ER

3.  The use of Calcium Channel Blockers including how they work, indication for administration, and the side effects associated with the consumption of this drug group.

4.  The use of Diuretics in the treatment of congestive heart failure.

5.  Anti Coagulation agents and Thrombolytics in the treatment of patients post myocardial infarction.

6. The use of Vasodilators in patients with hypertensive heart disease.


1. The role of ACE inhibitors in the treatment of cardiac patients. 

2. The use of Nitroglycerine in the Cardiac Catherization and Cardiac Non-Invasive departments.

3. Drugs used in the Cardiac Non Invasive Lab e,g for Stress Echo, TEE, Contrast Studies, Assessing LV Function, Cardiac Arrest, Your Bonus is worth 20 points. Get assignment help.