BSBCMM401 Make A Presentation Using PowerPoint Assessment

Have you ever made a presentation and deliver it in front of an audience? Well if you have not done that then the BSBCMM401 Make a Presentation assessment will surely help you in improving your presentation skills.

It is one of the most important assignments for the students pursuing a TAFE course in Australia. The BSBCMM401 workbook teaches the students about how to prepare, deliver, and review a presentation as well as explain the regulatory requirements for making presentations.

Also, the BSBCMM401 learning plan assigns every student to complete the BSBCMM401 Make a Presentation Using PowerPoint Assessment Answer. For many students, it is a very difficult task as they lack the knowledge and confidence to prepare and deliver the presentation.

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Learning Outcomes Of BSBCMM401 Make A Presentation Using PowerPoint Assessment:

After successful completion of the BSBCMM401 Assessment Answer students will be able to:

Prepare A Presentation:

  1. after completing the BSBCMM401 assignment Students will be able to document and plan a presentation approach and also intended outcomes.
  2. To match the characteristics of the target audience, location, resources, and personnel needed students will be able to choose presentation strategies, format, and delivery methods.
  3. To suit the format and purpose of the presentation students will be able to select presentation aids, materials, and techniques and it will also enhance the audience’s understanding of key concepts and central ideas.
  4. Within the presentation, students will be able to brief others involved in the presentation on their roles/responsibilities.
  5. To evaluate presentation effectiveness students will be able to select various techniques.

Deliver A Presentation:

  1. With the target audience, students will be able to explain and discuss the desired outcomes of the presentation.
  2. Students will be able to use presentation aids, materials, and examples.
  3.  Promote attainment of presentation outcomes students will be able to monitor non-verbal and verbal of participants.
  4.  Secure audience interest students will be able to Use persuasive communication techniques.
  5.  To meet participant needs and preferences students will be able to provide opportunities for participants to seek clarification on central ideas and concepts and adjust the presentation.
  6. To facilitate participant understanding summarize key concepts and ideas at strategic points.

Review The Presentation:

  1. To review the effectiveness of the presentation students will be able to implement techniques by gaining knowledge through the BSBCMM401  PowerPoint presentation course.
  2. From participants or key personnel involved in the presentation, students will be able to seek and discuss reactions to the presentation.
  3. To make changes to the central ideas presented students will be able to utilize feedback from the audience or key personnel involved in the presentation.                                                                               

    Mentioned Below Are Some Of The Questions You Need To Answer In The BSBCMM401 Assignment

    • How could you make a good presentation even more effective?
      • Answer: At the time of writing BSBCMM401 assessment answers you have to show your passion and connect with your audience.
      • You have to focus on your audience’s needs.
      •  Students have to keep it simple while concentrating on their core message.
      •  They have to smile and make eye contact with their audience.
      •  You have to start strongly.
      • Students have to remember the 10-20-30 rule for slideshows.
      • And you have to tell stories.
    • Relevant to the presentations what are the regulatory and organizational obligations and requirements?
    • What are the principles of effective communications?
    • To support presentations what is the range of presentation aids and material available?
    • What are the information collections methods that will support the review and feedback of the presentation?
    • To review the effectiveness of your presentation you have to select and implement methods. At the same time, you also need to document any changes which would improve future presentations.

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