Blood Meridian research paper

Overview: You will write a straightforward Blood Meridian research paper. You will be writing over one aspect of Cormac McCarthy’s novel, Blood Meridian.   First: You will create a clever title. It can be a quote from Blood Meridian that relates to your topic of inquiry or you can make your own that fits the subject matter and your specific take on it.

A good strategy is to look at quotes on Good Reads, to be mindful as you are reading the novel, and to look up titles of academic essays for inspiration.  After your title: You will have a colon and then one of the following: 

Sex and Gender in Blood Meridian Race and Racism in Blood Meridian

Mental Health and Illness in Blood Meridian Problematic Language in Blood Meridian and American Western Lore  

Misogyny in Blood Meridian  References from Antiquity in Blood Meridian  An Examination of The Judge in Blood Meridian  The Role of The Kid in Blood Meridian Disability and Personhood in Blood Meridian  The Role of God in Blood Meridian 

Biblical References in Blood Meridian The use of Similes in Blood Meridian  The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in Blood Meridian  An Ecological Reading of Blood Meridian  The Role of Violence in Blood Meridian American History in Blood Meridian   Example: “War Was Always Here”: The Role of Violence in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian (You can’t use this one)   

Thesis Statement:  A thesis statement is designed to let the reader know your argument and to keep you focused on that throughout the paper. It mentions the main topic of your paper. I take a position and states an argument. It summarizes evidence you’ll use to support your argument.  

Purpose: Successful writing doesn’t happen overnight, especially when research is required. Writing is a slow process, and this assignment will help you develop an argument, improve your writing process, learn to revise, and think about how arguments change when the genre or audience changes. In order to produce your best writing, you need to edit and revise this paper before turning it in.   

The Process of Developing your Argument: Researchers don’t begin with a thesis; they begin with a question, a hypothesis, or even just a hunch. They then do research to either answer their question or prove their hypothesis. You should do the same. You don’t need to know what you want to argue yet: 1.     You need to choose one of the topics above. 

2.     After you have chosen and done research on the school library site, you can begin to develop your argument and figure out your thesis. 

3.     Next, you should remember what you learned about research and developing arguments in your previous English classes. What is the Rhetorical Situation? Who is your audience? Are the quotes I have chosen from secondary sources relevant to my topic and argument? Requirements: 

·  Six pages (excluding works cited)

· Must include five secondary sources and a works-cited page. Only academic or relevant secondary sources will be considered for this paper. No quotes from summary sites such as SparkNotes, Shmoop, etc. 

  · MLA format