Black Lives Matter? ALL LIVES Matter

Black Lives Matter Essay

Here is what I have.  It is terrible but it gives you a general idea of what way to go:
            Racial differences have escalated in America in recent years. However, the abhorrent acts of America’s forefathers are still ever-present wounds that have not healed over time. There is no denying that African Americans were forced from their Homeland and were sold and enslaved without a thought.

There is no disputing that “Black Lives Matter”; however, there is an intentional exclusion of all others in society in those who do not identify as black. Isabel Sawhill explains, “The simple truth is that we have a belief system about ourselves that no longer align with the facts” (1). Stereotypes have affected American culture’s inequality due to various economic and social issues.

Sawhill, Isabel. The Forgotten Americans: An Economic Agenda for a Divided Nation. Yale University Press. Illustrator Edition (September 25, 2018), 2018.

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